Journey to the Jade Girl (Idols – A Book Review)

Author: Margaret Stohl
Published: 2014


My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull bolt

So I watch while my world spins out of control.

After destroying the Icon in The Hole (Los Angeles), Dol and her friends search out the other Icons so that they can destroy them and save the world from the Lords who have taken over and thrust humanity into slavery. But when Dol’s dreams about a little jade girl grow increasingly alarming, the group journeys all the way to the SEA colonies (Asia) to help her figure them out. This little girl could hold the key to freeing the world.

Along the way, relationships are tested, revelations about what the Icon children truly are is discovered, and a betrayal leaves everyone stunned and hurt.  Can they really save the world or is it too late? More importantly, are they even meant to?

As I trekked through this book, I found it to be just like Icons, (you can read the review here). It didn’t much grab my attention. That’s not to say that it didn’t have nice moments. It did. The usual grab that a story needs to keep me attached just wasn’t there unfortunately. I just felt like I was being dragged along.

I became increasingly disappointed in Dol as I got farther and farther in the book. Here she’s got a great, massive destiny and all she keeps doing is saying no as if she has a choice. She comes across as a very weak character that refuses to do anything to help her friends. It’s understandable to be afraid of dying or of your loved ones getting hurt.  The word no comes out too often, and yet she’s the one who’s rioting for rebellion against the Lords and everybody looks to for leadership and hope like she straight out of Star Wars. It really grated me. Backing out of the Save The World Plan halfway through is uncool and really ridiculous. You don’t get to exit like it’s a video game. Find your courage, swallow it down, and do the damn thing.


I felt like I was getting bounced from moment to the next without fulfillment. I just don’t feel like I got enough because the moments that I wanted more from were the ones cut way too short. I don’t mean that they were cut off by something else interrupting the moment in the book. There wasn’t enough detail to give me enough of a visual and get me to latch on that it was important.

I really enjoyed that I got to see more of what the world was like. There was an underground community, a temple and elephants. The new imagery really moved this adventure further and since I’ve never been to Asia, I really liked it.

The reveals that really surprised happened toward the end of the book, which was a shame. It left the book hanging like a monkey off a branch. It wasn’t a very pleasant feeling. Just ick that it happened at the end.

Overall, the book wasn’t extremely memorable for me. I didn’t get very attached to the characters. I couldn’t get an emotional grip to be able to. The journey to rid the world of Icons did end on a cliffhanger that left Dol damaged and angry. I don’t know if there’s another book to follow in the series. I haven’t seen or heard about it. I don’t think I’ll read it if is out there. It just wasn’t for me.


“Out of range, that was us. One sunset, one kiss may have saved our lives.” (Dol, p. 50”

“You are a thing of quick and endless and always-changing beauty. Humanity.” (Bird to Dol, p. 115)

“What’s so passionate about a fruit? It’s essentially just an ovary for a seed.” (Tima, p. 225)

“Jade girls and jade dreams.” (Dol, p. 316)

“Not everything that comes from the sky is an angel.” (Dol, p. 413)

More to come soon…


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I Laugh in the Face of Tragedy! (Fool – A Book Review)

Author: Christopher Moore
Published: 2009


My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt

We all know Shakespeare and have a love, whether it be a deep-way deep down-love, or one that, like me, is always on the surface and has you geeking out, then get ready. Christopher Moore brings his own insane rendition of King Lear. The obnoxious, hysterical, and wild tale is spun from the point of view of The Fool who follows the moronic King and his deceitful daughters. With his own side stories, not heard until now, join the raucous adventure of revenge, war, outrageous passions …and there’s a ghost. Isn’t that the way it is with Shakespeare, though? Like Nicholas Sparks loves to kill off a character, Shakespeare loves to have a bloody ghost.

How do I begin to talk about this book? Hmm…

I’ll start with Christopher himself. If you’ve read my review on The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove then you can skip this mini geek-out. I discovered this man during my freshman year of college during a time that my free reading was beginning to grow scarce because of my assignments, which then fully cut out after finals because of how much work I got loaded up with. I only got to rekindle that reading bug after graduation, but anyway. Besides the point. The cover art of Lust Lizard had me curious and when I opened it to a random page my eyes bulged at a cult of naked people worshiping a big-ass lizard. I had to read it. From that moment on I was hooked. The comedy he writes is extreme and insane and I can’t get enough. It’s out of this world and perfectly placed. It is neither raunchy nor corny.  It literally gets you to beg the question—Did that really just happen?


This isn’t the ordinary recounting of a Shakespeare play. It’s not written in the same form, but from the POV of The Fool aka Pocket. Christopher Moore does keep up with defining certain terminology at the bottom of his pages much like what is found in the plays and has the cast list at the very beginning. So he doesn’t completely lose touch with the style of how plays are written. He melds it with his own. You also find yourself in flashbacks to when Pocket was a boy. I found those tidbits to be enlightening and a fun addition to the play.

Though, as a kind of warning: If you can’t handle language most foul then you might not be suited for this book. There is much fuckery.


There is even a map of Scotland, Wales, and Fucking France (no really, that’s what it says on the map) that not only furthers the hilarity, but gives you a good layout of the scenery in which the book takes place.

I was reeling with laughter from the characters and their dialogue as well as the plot twists. While this play is a tragedy, it’s flipped around to be more than that. It shows that something so dark can be turned into something full of humor. And doing that with Pocket is well placed. He represents the whole idea of humor and to get an in depth look at this character and his POV of the world was delightful.


I suggest this book for people who love comedy. It’s fun, hilarious, crazy, and I wasn’t able to put it down. I even got a copy for my mom. Everyone needs to laugh and Christopher Moore can make you laugh. And laughter is an important part of life if only to help us forget about our pathetic miseries. It’s one of a kind and I honestly believe you’ll find nothing like it anywhere else.


“Fuckstockings, truth is a surly shrew sometimes!” (Pocket, p. 84)

“You simple, sniveling old toss-beast. What did you expect to happen when you put the care of your half-rotted carcass in the talons of that carrion bird of a daughter? (I may have had some residual anger.)” (Pocket, p. 139)

“There’s always a bloody ghost.” (Laundress, p. 167)

More to come soon…


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Hooked On Too Many Feelings (Icons – A Book Review)

Author: Margaret Stohl
Published: 2013


My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull bolt


They’re different. They survived. Why?

The entire world changed on The Day. The power went out. Cities were destroyed. People dropped dead. Dol’s family was some of those people. She and her best friend, Ro grew up at The Mission out in grasslands, living the simple life out of the range of the Icon and its deadly power, and relying on only each other.

When the government destroys their home and kidnaps them, they’re forced to join up with two other teenagers, Tima and Lucas. Together they are the Icon Children, the only people immune to Icons that The Lords left across major cities. And together, the Icon Children plan to take each and every one of them out, though their escalating emotions may make that difficult. Dol finds her heart is torn between hothead Ro and kind Lucas, but can she get past her own sorrow to figure out her heart. To help the world? Lucas’s desperation to please his mother, The Ambassador may threaten their mission. Ro’s intense feelings for Dol could put him in an early grave. And Tima, with her own secrets trust nobody but Lucas.


This was a very interesting book. Aliens, for lack of a better terminology, have come to earth and instead of co-existing, they rule over everybody and everything. From Dol’s POV, we see a world without one of the most basic luxuries that we have. Electricity. While for some, it’s no different since they’ve lived decently without relying on it too heavily, for others, like those who live in The Hole (what used to be Los Angeles), it’s harder and more life threatening.


Dol is completely driven by her emotions and that’s precisely how Margaret wrote her. I found that to be quite unique. But it was also a bit problematic in many places. Solely reading from her emotions didn’t allow me to get a strong handle on the characters. They were all over the place. There also wasn’t enough information on the characters. The small details you learn about a character as you read just seemed to be missing here. Also, Dol was very assuming, as if me, the reader, was supposed to know what she was telling me already and, uh, I didn’t. For example, she often says—“that’s how Ro is” or “because that’s what Ro does”. And this comes after Ro already doing this ‘something’ that she feels the need to point out, or for some reason, emphasize.

There’s a chance that it’s just me feeling oddly tweeked about how off kilter this part makes me feel. LOL.

It just came off very weird, to me. It was interesting that it breached that dimension, though, much like an actor on stage of a play talking straight to the audience.


A delightful addition was the snippets at the end of each chapter. Each one was different and really gave me a visual for what this broken down world looked like apart from what Dol was trying to show me. I really struggled seeing through Dol’s eyes because details were so limited, so these bits really gave me an outside look.


I have the sequel and have already started it. I am hopeful that it’ll be a little better, more open and revealing I guess is what I’m trying to say because while there is great potential, I’m just feeling lost. There’s not enough to keep me tethered.



“Their hearts stopped beating. They died where they stood. Quietly. Instantly. Every person, every age. Everyone close enough to the Icons.” (Lucas, p. 111)

“Fear is a dangerous thing.” (Dol, p. 151)

“The Grassboy who loves the Grassgirl goes out with the tides. The Grass Revolutionary comes in them.” (Dol, p. 322)

“Be brave. Be alive. Be free.” (Dol, p. 406)

“Feelings are memories. Memories are also feelings.” (Dol, p. 426)


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Midnight Tease

Midnight Tease - Giphy

Welcome to December, my delightful bookworms, and can I just say that snow is the worst! It’s my Voldemort. Really. Or maybe it’s Jennifer from Jennifer’s Body. Pretty on the outside, but also and evil asshole. If I could hibernate like a bear I would, Nature butt plug and all.

I hope you all had a lovely November. Here’s what’s coming up on my reading and reviewing and gushing this month. I know there were some unexpected additions, so I’m a little behind on last month’s books. Catching up right now, though.

And, if you  know me by—at least you should by this point—then you know I’m not revealing all that much.  Just a blip here, and blip there, show you what’s on the menu. If I told you all about these books then there’d be no reason to review. This is also a great chance to see if you’ve read any of these books and to tell me your thoughts.

So, here we go, loves.


Coming Soon…

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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew: Ghost Stories #2
Author: Carolyn Keene

Yet another one! I know! I’m ashamed. It’s been busy lately, alright? Forgive me?


Hidden Oracle-Dark Prophecy
The Hidden Oracle & The Dark Prophecy
Author: Rick Riordan

I read the Percy Jackson series and really loved the cameo Apollo had, so I’m really looking forward to reading these. I’m also glad I can get these read before the next one comes out which is May 1, 2018.


Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Alright, just going to tell you now. This one is going to take some time. I love Russian Literature. I find it to be beautiful and fulfilling and gets me feeling wispy. However, this one is a long one. So it’s going to take longer than normal. Anna Karenina took me six months. Hoping this will take less than that LOL.


The Thing About Jellyfish

The Thing About Jellyfish
Author: Ali Benjamin

I found this on our YA shelves at the bookstore and I didn’t think much of it, except that the cover is pretty. Then when I looked at the back  of it my heart crumbled. This book follows a very intelligent girl’s journey to figure out one of life’s toughest question—why did her best friend die? For a question like that to strike a young girl, well, my ehart is already getting yanked at and I haven’t even started it yet. I might cry. We’ll see.




Like I said, I’m behind a little bit…EEP!


Diary of a Sex Fiend

Diary of a Sex Fiend
Author: Abby Lee



Frankenstein/Dracula/Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Author: Mary Shelly/Bram Stoker/Robert Louis Stevenson


Up For Review…

Up for Review

I’ve got a few up for review that you’ll see pretty soon and one that is very soon on its way. Keep a look out.



Author: Margaret Stohl



Frankenstein/Dracula/Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Author: Mary Shelly/Bram Stoker/Robert Louis Stevenson


Thoughts? Books you want to suggest? Let me know in the comments!


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It’s Sunny’s World, We’re Just Floating In It (Waiting a Lifetime – A Book Review)

Waiting a Lifetime
Author: Samantha Markham
Published: 2016

Waiting a Lifetime

My Rating: Full boltFull boltHalf bolt

Sunny Siebel leads a simple, teenage life. She goes to school, spends time with her family, loves to read…and she can see ghosts. That’s right. This girl sees dead people, and for her it’s more comforting to spend time with them than it is to hang around actual people.

One day she runs into Degory Alden, a Reaper, in a back alley. Suddenly she’s thrust into a world where she doesn’t have to hide her gift. However there are those that want to hurt her, but Degory isn’t about to let that happen. Together they fight whatever comes at them from Malighosts to other Reapers and even the heavens as their caught in the middle of something much worse than all of them.

Waiting a Lifetime

First off, I received this book from the author herself via Booktasters on Twitter in exchange for an honest review, so without further ado, here we go.

I tried very hard to get into this book. And I think that’s the problem. I tried. When it comes to reading, one shouldn’t have to try. The magic of the book should suck you in and make you hate it when it shoves back into the real world because you enjoyed it so much. That didn’t happen for me with this book.

I didn’t get a strong enough feel for the characters. Both Sunny and Degory were all over the place as were their emotions. Very choppy. I couldn’t latch onto them. I feel like if there had been more detail and I knew more about them I could’ve gotten a stronger attachment.

I was very curious about the world of Eden and wanted to see more because it sounded pretty cool, but again, I didn’t get very much. I’m not even sure how to describe it to you. All I got were the basics of the place. The story moved from moment to moment without any…meat to it. The bone and structure was all there, but there was no meat, no details that gave me the sense that I was there with Sunny, seeing, hearing or getting any of what she was on her journey.

When I’m seeking out what I don’t know more than following the story then it’s time for me to hop off. It really was beautiful, but I believe there was so much missing. My inner English major was about to jump out and I hated that. I’m a reader here!

And maybe, this book just isn’t my cup of tea. I prefer Zen or Passion from TAZO…which wasn’t where I was actually going with that. LOL. Anyway, this book just wasn’t for me. I didn’t get pulled in because I couldn’t. While I know some people fell in love with this story, I fell short and that’s probably why this review falls short as well.

More to come soon…


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All Through the Night (Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights – A Book Review)

Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights
Author: Leonard Durso
Published: 2017

Istanbul Days

My Rate: Full boltFull boltFull bolt

Set in Istanbul, Turkey. A dear friend and fellow professor of a local university passes away unexpectedly from a heart attack and in his honor the theatre department, dance department and many others from the performing arts department come together to put on the most diverse and beautiful version of Romeo and Juliet. What none of them expected were the sudden feelings that began to erupt as they each grew closer.

While some come forward about their feelings and embrace them, others dance around them cautiously. Relationships form, relationships fall apart. Love gained. Love lost. A true trivial pursuit in which not everyone can win.

“Culture is like an ocean liner streaming its way across the sea and once on it, we have little choice but to ride along with it to wherever it takes us.” –Leonard Durso

Istanbul Days

This book was given to me by Smith Publicity in which I promised a review and Ta Da! here we are. I want to say thank you for the book. I greatly appreciate it. With that, let’s do this!

This book starts out with a cast list much like you’d find at the beginning of any play, and I’ll list them below for you.

Hasan – died tragically

Katja – Hasan’s wife, now a widow

Bekir – head of the university

Michael – Chair of the Theatre Department, always bringing up his age, debating his feelings for Irem

Ozge – Mustafa’s with of 25 years

Murat – married with three children, wishes he and his wife had the relationship they used to

Philip – British, a people watcher, the one you go to for advice, ponders over a drink about the book he is writing

Meric – teacher, director, actor, stud, drinker, passionate about women—not necessarily in that order

Gamze – costume designer

Simon – Head of English program, ready to go home to return to his college in Michigan

Jennifer – young, seeking adventure, madly in love with Meric

Meral – English Prep instructor

Elif – English Prep instructor

Ismigul – English Prep Instructor

Fersat – studies film, in love with Elena

Elena – top dancer in Katja’s class, in love with Berat and enjoys telling him what to do

Irem – Michael’s assistant, in love with him, cooks for him, hesitant to tell him how she feels

Deniz – costume designer, enjoys The Rolling Stones, loves to paint

Dave – a visiting professor from the US, tries for female companionship but just can’t quite get there

Brenda – from Britain, divorced, seeking adventure and intimacy to forget about her ex-husband who didn’t please her in and out of the bedroom

Sonmez – Murat’s wife, pays more attention to the kids than him

Mert – Chairman of the Board of Trustees, owner of the university

Metlem – student of theatre department, actress

Onur – Murat’s best friend

Mark – Brenda’s ex-husband

Pelin – Brenda’s protégé, sings with a trio of musician’s, in love with her professor-Meric

Naim – a waiter

Mermati a waiter

Osman – barman at The Belfast

Irem’s mom – widow

Brenda’s mom – tells Brenda not to divorce Mark

And not only does showcasing the cast, much like a play, amplify the style it was written in but the chapters, which were each month of the academic year, were titled as scenes. I loved the set-up. Even the sudden jumping around from character to character was nifty. I enjoyed the movie He’s Just Not That Into You and I want to read the book. The way the movie interweaves its characters is very close to how this book does it. They’re all interconnected. I do wish there had been page breaks, though. There were a couple times that I had no idea I’d swapped to a different character. One minute I’m reading about Dave and then suddenly I’m reading about Michael and didn’t realize it.

There is something I have to pick on and that’s the lack of detail. Sure, I read everything that was happening, but it moved so fast and I had no sensory detail to cling to that allowed me to see what was happening. So it felt stiff.

I found the instant romance between characters to be intriguing. There was no build-up between the characters. Being in their heads, I got to see that spark of knowing they liked a person light up like a firework. They just went for it and it surprised me. I was just, “Whoa, this is happening, and right now”.

Istanbul days

Which leads me to this. This book wasn’t just about gaining love, but also losing it or never even going after it. I got to view the several aspects that surround this strong emotion. It was powerful and it rocked me because I struggle in that department. I’m a shy human and I’m really careful about who I let into my life.

And just think, all of this was happening while pulling together a play that is bi-lingual, sings, dances, and also ends as a fun, uplifting comedy of people coming together instead of two young kids killing themselves (the play is a rendition of Romeo and Juliet, remember?). Very intricate. I got to see the bit by bit as the performance was being put together by each individual. And honestly? It stressed me-and writing that has me laughing right now. Nonetheless, it was impressive to see such an intense show get put together among the stress of love lives.

Overall, this book wasn’t half bad. I can’t give it my full love because I couldn’t see it. I forgot what these character looked like and I couldn’t get emotionally attached to them because everything was on the surface. Still, a decent piece on love and turmoil it riles up.


“She can do nothing. Only lie there. And wait for the end of the world.” (Katja, p. 28)

“Another day. Another Adventure.” (Dave, p. 36)

“Leave me to my new adventures and continue playing the misunderstood poet writing your sad, forlorn verses of lost love. She thinks he is only good at love on the page but could never quite make it work in bed. Words, she thinks. Love is just words for him and she craves action.” (Brenda, p. 59)

“You are a star to me.” (Irem to Michael, p. 69)

More to come soon…


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Oh, Death… (Endless Knight – A Book Review)

Endless Knight
Author: Kresley Cole
Publsihed: 2013

Endless Knight

My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt


Shocking Secrets. Unexpected Allies. Gut-Wrenching Treachery.

The Flash has obliterated the world, turning it into  an apocalyptic wasteland, and Evie Greene is no longer the fragile, helpless girl. A deadly game that only one can win has already began between the tarot cards. Oh yes, they’re real. Evie, The Empress, has fully embraced her poisonous abilities, though she hasn’t embraced the part she’s meant to play in this battle to the death. Death keeps calling out to her, growing closer and his craving to end her is also growing.

With her friends and the help of other Arcana cards, she stands a chance at ending this dangerous game and surviving the dangerous threats that lurk in the shadows. Jackson is still reeling from Evie revealing her abilities to him and when dark secrets are revealed, shattering her heart, can Evie truly stay out of the deadly game?

Endless Knight

Following Poison Princess (you can read the review here), this book was just as hot and addictive, seducing me all naughty-like. Tsk tsk! I was a little concerned that this wasn’t going to measure up to all of the intense action and emotions, but let me tell you, there wasn’t a beat skipped. From beginning to end I was rattled. So many new elements were added, expanding the worldview that Kresley created with this series, adding more to the journey that Evie and her group are on: to stop the game and end Death—the deadliest of the Arcana. It really added to the development of the characters as well. Evie was faced with more than her strange abilities and the voices in her head. She’s now faced with her own emotions of how she feels about herself and how she feels about others, whether she can truly trust the people she allows into her heart.

The Major Arcana introduced in this book are The Hierophant, The Devil, The Tower, The World, Strength and Death, pulling Evie and her group onto the battlefield. Then there’s the spinning complexity that is Evie Greene and Jackson Devaeux. Their (extremely intense) feelings for one-another comes to a head and if you’ve read Poison Princess then you already have a pretty good idea of just how these two are with each other-fighting, bickering, immense build of sexual tension that neither really want to admit to. Sparks were flying between them in Poison Princess. Those sparks turned into a full-blown fire here in Endless Knight.

And then, add a side of Death and you get a really messed up triangle. And you just can’t look away. Well, I couldn’t. (And if I’m being honest, I’m a total shipper of Evie with Jackson. Oh yes, very much so.) More so, major secrets were dropped and my jaw dropped along with them. I won’t tell you about them because that’d just be rude, but they completely change Evie’s life.

And then there were cannibals. Yep, people eaters, and that was actually pretty creepy. Kresley’s attention to detail actually gave me chills from time to time. You’ll get twisted and sharply because of how in-depth it gets. I still know the parts I held my breath at.

Endless Knight

I still find the pacing of this story to be really nice. It moves fast, but is completely steady. Not a single bit felt out of place over the span of several months for these characters. The transitioning is so smooth and that’s not something I usually point out, but it was so splendid that I had to. The mentions of time passing was subtle. And I loved the well placed surprises even though they broke my heart. I didn’t except what I discovered. This is coming from a chick who strongly dislikes surprises, but holy crap.

Do I recommend this book? I ordered the third book before I finished this one, so yes! I do. There was nothing that through me off the path. If anything I’m more sucked in than before. It’s been some time since I’ve been this attached to a series.



“Death comes for us all…” (Mathew, p.20)

“Sooo….anybody else have a sense of impending doom?” (Finn, 56)

“Hotel California, Evie. You can check out, but you can never leave.” (Lark to Evie, p. 189)

“I desired you before, but I never loved you until this life.” (Aric to Evie, p. 306)


More to come soon…


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