Cars Aren’t Tree Huggers (Where It Began – A Book Review)

Where It Began
Author: Ann Redisch Stampler
Published: 2012

Where It Began

My Rating: Full boltHalf bolt


Gabby lived under the radar. Way under. That all changed at the beginning of Senior year. She came back to Winston with a brand new look that her over-the-top mother, Vivian, insisted upon. That is when the bad, yet most popular boy, Billy Nash notices her and then she’s suddenly living it up in the popular crowd with his hand in her back pocket.

But then one night, Gabby wakes up on the ground. The stars are spinning above her and not far off, a car is wrapped around a tree and the keys are in her hand, but she can’t remember what happened or how she got there. Everybody else does though. While everyone thinks she’s covering for Billy about the crash, she’s trying to figure out how to get out of this tight, legal fix without jail time.

Soon enough she discovers that she can’t continue to ignore the truth any longer and has to find out what it is. It could be what saves her.

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How do I begin? Hmmmm…

Well, there is much I appreciate about this book, but much that I don’t. The style was really unique! I loved it! I was in the front seat of the character, Gabby, who is recovering from a horrendous car crash due to drunk driving. Just like her, we are clueless about what is going on around her. This POV was much closer than your ordinary first person POV. I was planted right into her head and the story pulled you along with her memories and thoughts. That did limit what I knew, though. The natural fluidity that comes with the character physically interacting with everything around them was not there because you never stretch beyond Gabby’s mind. Between Gabby’s recovery from the car accident she can’t remember, I rediscovered some memories with her that retrace her steps to where she is currently, which was really nice. I liked it because it gave some backstory, which really adds to the story. The style is much like Dot-To-Dot.

The blips between Gabby and her boyfriend Billy in their chatrooms were really nice, too. I liked that Ann really held up the style and language that actually occurs online. It added good fluff to the book that filled out the characters.

The tone however? I did not enjoy. Not. At. All. Gabby’s over-exaggeration that doing anything that would help get her out of her nasty legal situation with drunk driving and wrecking a car was mind-numbing. She was going to just DIE if she had to lift a finger to do anything. Not very appealing. And neither was her boyfriend, Billy Nash. I couldn’t believe she wanted to be with this guy. He’s conceited, obnoxious and could care less about the condition Gabby is in. The girl was completely mangle from that car accident, but yes, let’s fix his sexual need. Queue my flattened and disgusted look. He cares more about his probation and if he’ll get out of this. Ann did phenomenal job in getting me to hate this guy.

And then Gabby is telling herself what to not do in order to keep him—don’t do this, don’t do that, it’ll chase him away. If a boy acts like a jerk and has you trying to figure out how not to be yourself then he is not a keeper. I was just disgusted with this kid! Who did I love in this book? Gabby’s friends, Anita, Lisa, and Huey. All three have decent heads on their shoulders. They were not falling for any of this deceit and even though Gabby was ridiculous, they were loyal to her and never ditched her once through her recovery and return to Winston.

This book was more disappointing than I expected. It’s not my taste, I believe. Rich, privileged kids and their parents working to get them out of a fix by nailing the girlfriend with it is just downright slimy. I just struggled too hard trying get on Gabby’s level. She didn’t seem like much of a better person. She was too snooty and uptight and felt entitled. I just can’t give this book much love. I was happy that she’d found a happy ending to a better life, though.



“This is how a person falls in love with Billy Nash.” (Gabby, p. 97)

“I had never been beautiful before this moment, but now I am. I am beautiful because Billy says.” (Gabby, p. 100)

– Okay, I plucked this one out because it made me cringe. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is a grand and special feeling when the one you’re falling for finds you to be beautiful, but-and this is sole opinion of course-do not, I repeat, DO NOT sit there and think that you are only beautiful because he/she says so. No. You were beautiful before you met them and you will always be beautiful after. Their say so does not determine beauty. It’s you.-

“I want to be back in my After and not in some weird after-After Purgatory, waiting to find out if I am Saved or damned.” (Gabby, p. 127)

“Nobody believed I didn’t remember, so nobody told me the truth; they all thought I knew the truth already.” (Gabby, p. 326)


More to come soon…


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Feathers of a Bird (Shattered Memories – A Book Review)

Shattered Memories
Author: V.C. Andrews
Published: 2017

Shattered Memories

My Rating: Full boltFull boltHalf bolt


They have and unbreakable bond…an inescapable bond.

Kaylee and Haylee have always done everything together whether in full agreement or not. That’s expected from them as identical twins. Alike in every single way imaginable. Even in their DNA. It keeps mother happy.

But now they are officially apart. After Haylee’s betrayal that led to horrendous events, Kaylee is given a chance to start anew at the private school of Littlefield. Trying to bloom a new life isn’t so simple, but she’s determined to make her dark past disappear even if that means pretending she never had a twin. With Haylee haunting Kaylee’s every step and thought, she knows that being truly free isn’t that easy and Haylee isn’t through with her. Not even close.

WARNING/DISCLAIMER: This trilogy wasn’t written by the original author, but from the notes she left behind. Also, this is the final book in the series, so you may be confused and feel spoiled by the following review, hence the warning. 

The conclusion of a trilogy is meant to be iconic and the high peak where the final showdown happens and a calm sea of closure follows. Secrets that were unknown to the narrator, and sometimes to the reader, come to light and the final battle is well on its way. I am sad that this isn’t the case with Shattered Memories. While the major battle did happen—Kaylee is battling her inner turmoil while overcoming her trauma from Andrew Cabot, her kidnapper, and her sister, Haylee—there is still so much missing and lacking for me. I had trouble diving into the book like I did with Broken Glass (full review here) and even The Mirror Sisters (full review here).

I couldn’t get into the book as much as I wanted to. While Kaylee sounded like a full-fledged adult when she spoke (which was constantly pointed out), her thoughts and other dialogue just didn’t click because it didn’t sound the same. I understand that Kaylee’s life has changed forever, but the story is from her POV. What is seen, heard, etc, from that POV should match to how she speaks. Well, I think so. It’s a tidbit that made me itch. It was like switching gears and that’s jarring.

Shattered Memories

Much like the previous two books, there was a streak of repetitive and I feel repetitive for mentioning it. From what Marcy saying the same thing again and again to Mason’s continued spite for Haylee, I was just put off whenever they graced the pages. I couldn’t hold on to the story. There was a lackluster. I just feel like there wasn’t enough in regard to dealing with her kidnapping and I just wasn’t fully convinced of how realistic this was for Kaylee. There was a flash here and a flash there, but I didn’t feel it. And for something this painful I needed to. Mason’s disowning of Haylee was disturbing, too. More than anything, I would believe a father who loved his children, while being upset, would want the best help for a child that is as disturbed as Haylee.

However, the new characters truly made this book worthwhile. Well, except for Marcy. Claudia, Troy and Marcy along with a couple others come onto the scene of Kaylee’s fresh start at Littlefield. Troy, the strong, holier-than-thou, intelligent, silent and sits alone type, and Claudia, the new, but has her own dark secrets, roommate really gave flare to this final chapter of The Mirror Sisters. Both of them were able to understand Kaylee on a level that didn’t make her feel judged or freak-like and that was a nice breath of fresh air. The three of them each went through something terrible and to watch how it affected how they let people into their lives was realistic and great. And then there’s Marcy. Dear, sweet, hyperactive, loud Marcy. The constant need to live through Kaylee was strange and over-dramatic. She makes the perfect teenage girl that doesn’t have a single problem in the world. But that didn’t make me like her all that much. I just hope I wasn’t like that when I was her age. Yet, I’m sure if I asked my mom she’d say I was very much like that.

Shattered Memories

I did have a few questions that kept coming up over and over again as I read. I will warn you, they are spoiler-y because they also reference Broken Glass. I don’t usually have questions, but I was scratching my head here and there.

What happened to Mr. Moccasin? Kaylee was desperate for the kitty at the very end of Broken Glass, but he’s never seen again. There wasn’t one single mention of him in Shattered Memories.

What happened to Andrew Cabot? I know the man was arrested for what he did to Kaylee, but that’s the last I heard about him. I honestly wanted to know about the trial/sentencing because that seems very important, but it’s as if his arrest was just it, that Kaylee needed to know nothing more. Also, I was quite peeved, with Broken Glass. As Kaylee came out on the gurney at the end, Andrew was nowhere in sight. The guy is psycho and there was no screaming or threatening? I just don’t believe it, not after everything he did to her. That man was unhinged, yet silent in the end? Queue creepy, and don’t forget peeved, shivers.

Okay, so my last question is in relation to Troy, who I adore if you couldn’t tell from above. As you know, if you’ve read it, Kaylee is dealing with not only psychological trauma, but physical trauma. She got her hair chopped off and is currently wearing a wig. I am really curious to know how Troy responded. I gave a thorough read-through and didn’t get an inkling of how he felt about it. Maybe it not getting mentioned showed that he was more than okay with it.


Overall, while I enjoyed the newly added characters, I felt deflated from beginning to end. There was too much clashing underneath the story and that can really mess up how I feel when I’m reading, and I read for nothing more than the sheer enjoyment. I dislike potholes in a story just as much as I dislike them on my street. The book was nothing like the two before it, which saddens me.



“You don’t look like me anymore, Kaylee. You’re prettier than I am now, but Mother can’t stand that, I’m sure. Did you forget how she wants us to be? You’re killing her by being so much prettier than me. You’re the one giving her the nervous breakdown now.” (Haylee to Kaylee, p. 55)

“Psychiatry is a form of voodoo.” (Mason to Kaylee, p.62)

“Weren’t you ever taught to put your disappointments in a bag of rocks and let them sink to the bottom of the sea?” (Kaylee to Marcy, p. 188)


More to come soon…


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Different Shades of a Feather (Broken Glass – A Book Review)

Broken Glass
Author: V.C. Andrews
Published: 2017

Broken Glass

My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt

Sisters until the end…which may come sooner than they think.

Kaylee and Haylee Fitzgerald have been together since birth, never apart and never alone. They could nearly be one person with how closely their mother watches over them so that they are in sync in every way. They are, after all, two halves of her perfect daughter.

One night at the movies, Haylee confesses that she was supposed to meet somebody, but feeling suddenly ill she asks Kaylee to go meet up with him. When the movie ends and she still hasn’t returned, her mother and father are frantic. Haylee, however, is ecstatic. For the first time ever, she’s alone, and more importantly free…or is she?

Broken Glass

This book was different from the first one, The Mirror Sisters, in many ways. (You can read the review here) Broken Glass hit the ground running and I don’t just mean that it started right where The Mirror Sisters ended, which if you haven’t read it then I’m sorry for this spoiler: Kaylee was kidnapped at the very end of the book. The momentum was nonstop and bone-chilling. Not only that, but the POV of this book wasn’t restricted to just Kaylee as in the previous book. Both Kaylee and Haylee were featured in alternating chapters, giving me the inside tour of both of the twins’ minds.

Sitting in the front seat with both young women really gave an edge to the story for me. Haylee is at home with her father who is trying to keep everything together in the household while her mother is  going crazy because one daughter is missing, which means that both daughters are missing since she sincerely believes that whatever happens to one girl happens to both girls. Getting the inside scoop of what it’s really like inside of Haylee’s mind is even scarier than I thought. She’s manipulative and deceptive and I think a sociopath. There isn’t a single moment that she’s concerned for where her sister could be, if she’s alright, or if she’ll get her back. Meanwhile, Kaylee is stuck in a dark place with no apparent way out and her captor is obviously psychologically unstable. However, she begins to discover that everything she’s learned from Haylee could save her.

The desperation that the girls share is my favorite thing out of the entire book. The reason behind that is because it’s expressed differently from the two of them. Haylee’s desperation derives from striving to be her own person and be only child, though her twin is still everywhere and in everything around her. Kaylee’s was based on her sheer will to survive being kidnapped. She goes to extreme lengths she never imagined, some of which surprised me.

The book was still repetitive in places, but it was worth pushing through that. The story had me on edge, waiting to see what would happen next. The only time I was disappointed was at the very end. The story stretched out so nicely and then the ending was rushed too fast, like a rubber band being stretched out and then let go, snapping back at light speed. It made me disgruntled to say the least.

I will be posting the review for the third and final book of this trilogy soon.


“I prefer looking through windows rather than looking into mirrors. That way, I don’t have to see you, too.” (Haylee to Kaylee, p. 180)

“The truth was, in this world, we couldn’t exist without lies.” (Haylee, p. 209)

More to come soon…


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Two Birds of a Feather (The Mirror Sisters – A Book Review)

The Mirror Sisters
Author: V.C. Andrew

Mirror Sisters

My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltHalf bolt


Alike in every single way…with one exception.

            Haylee and Kaylee Fitzgerald are identical twins and must be the same in every way according to their mother. They wear the same clothing, have the same toys, and even the same middle names. Deep in her heart, she believes her girls are special, in complete sync. Whatever one girl feels or thinks, the other must.

After being home-schooled for the early years of grade school, the girls are enrolled into public school. Completely unprepared, they navigate the social web of cliques and boys and set out to discover what makes them different from each other. But, the search for independence turns dark and dangerous, taking mother’s determination for daughters to daughter too much to heart.


Quickie Disclaimer: This is the first series by V.C. Andrews that I’ve read, and I know that the author has longed passed away, so this isn’t actually written by her, but a ghost.


The book takes place in Kaylee Fitzgerald’s POV, the good twin as I call her. She goes on to describe how her and her sister grow up as if they’re one person. While she seeks to be her own person, she doesn’t desire to disappoint her mother. She just wants to find a balance. Her sister Haylee is the exact opposite. Defiant and unrelenting she goes to great lengths to disrupt their mother’s vision of them, manipulate and bend everyone to her will and even hurt others to get what she wants.

I must be honest. I both found this book to be enjoyable yet not. I found the beginning to be long-winded, especially in the beginning. I didn’t need eighty pages of history about the Fitzgerald family. Cut it down to forty and I still would’ve understood how creepy and strange it was to have twins be utterly identical down to the very way their brains worked, which was very creepy. That or the history could’ve been interwoven into the story…which it already was. Either way the eighty pages felt unneeded.

More so, I found there to be parts of the book that were rather repetitive. I didn’t need to know “because that’s what mother expected” or “so mother wouldn’t go all CIA on us” on almost every page.  Going back on every little detail was bothersome, too, because it got to a point that some of it could’ve been omitted. I started gritting my teeth in places. Understanding a person’s actions is all in the action and telling me about it constantly made me cringe.

However, not all was bad. In fact the whole direction of the story was dark and full of intrigue with how twisted Haylee became in the midst of striving to be her own person. She went to extreme lengths, like pretending to be Kaylee on a mini date with Kaylee’s crush and destroying whatever chance Kaylee had with the boy. It was a cruel and slimy thing to do and to family! Haylee didn’t even feel bad about it either. All of the nasty, dirty things that happen between Kaylee and Haylee really show the dynamic between the siblings; that they don’t have your average sibling rivalry. These girls look like one person, but one inherited the evil while the other inherited the good. It was when I reached the shocking end of the book that I decided I wanted to read the next book in this three part series, Broken Glass.

So while I had high hopes, they fell short. I can only muster three and a half bolts. There are  sparks that keep me going. I shall have Broken Glass up soon.



“Never blame your sister for anything; never make her look foolish or stupid, or you will look foolish and stupid.” (Mother to Kaylee & Haylee, p. 59)

Real love is an investment of yourself. You drop every natural defense you possess and replace it too soon with trust and dependence. Love, or the feelings you will come to call love, can be very, very dangerous.” (Mother to Kaylee & Haylee, p. 214)

“We’re just luggage. We’ll probably treat our own children the same way.” (Matt to Kaylee, p. 300)

“…It’s not your chronological age that matters; it’s your mental and emotional age.” (Haylee to Kaylee, p. 305)


More to come soon…

– K.

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You’ve Been Beeped, It’s the Apocalypse (Poison Princess – A Book Review)

Poison Princess (The Arcana Chronicles #1)
Author: Kresley Cole
Published: 2012

Poison Princess

My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt

She could save the world-or destroy it. 

Evangeline “Evie” Greene has the perfect life, with a best friend and the perfect boyfriend she’s ready to go all the way with. It starts crumbling when she begins to have horrifying visions, and hear scary things call out to her. Evie is desperate to figure out these visions to find out what is real and what isn’t. All she knows is that it has something to do with tarot cards…the Arcana.

Turns out, the tarot cards don’t just tell your fortune. They’re real people and threatening her, wanting to kill her. That’s according to her grandmother who tried to kidnap her when she was younger, though.

Now, after the world has been decimated, Evie has to turn to the last person that she wants to in order to survive, Jackson Deveaux. From the bayou and with a wicked attitude and irresistible grin, this Cajun will do whatever it takes to help Evie, as long as she tells him what she’s hiding in return. But, can she trust him enough to tell him what is really happening to her? That her grandmother wasn’t crazy, and the tarot cards are calling out to her in her head and seeking her out to kill her?


This book. THIS BOOK!

I’ve been told by several people that I need to read Kresley Cole and they were right. I picked up this book at my bookstore, my curiosity certainly piqued at the idea of tarot cards being brought to life as actual people. Such originality. I find the use of tarot cards to be fascinating. I use them myself from time to time so to see them as real people with unnatural abilities gives me the shivers. Good shivers, of course.

Poison Princess

I loved how fast-paced this book moved. The pace also felt slow with how much detail there was. A perfect mix, like swirling chocolate and vanilla ice cream together. The amount of detail from the tidbits in Evie’s life and how she’s trying to hold on to it by the very threads that threaten to snap because of her visions and then zooming out to the gain a perspective on what was happening across the world with various dangers that could end her and Jackson was phenomenal. There wasn’t a single moment I wasn’t engulfed in this book. I could not put it down.

The over-dramatic dialogue between Jackson and Evie was superb. I normally don’t go for a book that over reaches in  how people interact, but with this being and apocalyptic world and these being two, hormonal teens, it worked SO well. Not going to lie, I ate it up shamelessly. The chemistry between the two of them was intoxicating, turning my stomach to knots. It’s danger boy meets sassy girl and both of them are unrelenting. As if the apocalypse didn’t have enough problems with cannibals and slavers, eh? Then there’s the Arcana, the tarot deck that are real people, and to be honest, this book only hits the cusp of that whole ordeal. And it’s just enough to keep me hanging on curiously because only knowing that they’re all fighting to be the last man standing isn’t enough. There’s got to be more to it.

I can’t wait to read more. I have already ordered the next book in this series because I’ve become quite infatuated with this series. Give me more!



“If Brandon was a good boy but not yet a great guy, Jackson was a bad boy—and already a bad guy.” (Evie, p. 82)

“Evie, people with no hope for the future can be very dangerous.” (Evie’s mother to Evie, p. 149)

“The last two monarch butterflies are thousands of miles apart and flying away from each other. A boy is skateboarding across old Lake Michigan…” (Mathew to Evie, p. 280)

“For as long as you’ve been looking down your nose at me, I’ve been craving you, an envie like I’ve never known.” (Jackson to Evie, p. 341)


More to come soon…


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To Love Would Be an Awfully Big Adventure (Love & Misadventure – A Book Review)

Love & Misadventure
Author: Leav Lang
Published: 2013

Love & Misadventure - SR

My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt

carousel edit

While I am not a person who seeks out poetry, when I do find a book of that truly reaches out to me, I’ll seize it faster than Carpe Diem. I do have a love for poetry, though I don’t read it with the same ferocity as I do with YA or supernatural fiction. That love is strong and passionate and vulnerable which also makes it scary because I’ll find myself relating to it in ways you never thought.

So when I found this book, I spent a month debating whether I wanted to add it to my ever-growing library or not. While only looking at it from the outside, it was elegant and intimidating, but on the inside it was alive with so many emotions. Leav Lang uses various things, like fairs, rides, bright lights and more, that awaken and inflame the excitement of love and adventure in us all.


The book is divided in to three parts.

Part I: Misadventure

Part II: The Circus of Sorrows

Part III: Love

Each section bares a part of Lang that you can almost touch, and mostly certainly feel, like butterflies tickling the inside walls of her chest as they fly around your heart. Threadbare and vulnerable are most definitely likely while reading and getting lost in the words on the pages. However, there are a couple of poems that have ripped the wings off of some of those butterflies. Not to say that new butterflies have replaced those, though. Their wings are various colors in relation to the feelings that erupt from the poems.

This book of poetry is extremely beautiful in giving you the experience of highs and lows of such strong emotions. Exploring them in various prose and verses has never seemed so bright. I’m used to seeing it seem so morose and filled with sorrow. This was extremely refreshing.


Below are some of the poems that struck me the deepest.

An Endearing Trait (p. 23)

The scatterbrain,
   is a little like,
   patter of rain.

Neither here,
   nor there,
   but everywhere.

As I write this poem down for you to read, it is raining outside. For some reason that feels significant. This isn’t some light rain. There’s thunder and lightning, reminding me of the summer rains. This poem is one of my utmost favorites from the book and it’s for the simplest of reasons. I relate to being scatterbrained so easily and I would’ve never thought to compare it to rain. The way it can come down in large drops or small, and how it can be in one spot and not in another. More so, the way drops will come down, spread out; it was just perfect. A person can be the same way.

My mind moves so fast and sometimes I leave things behind and it just happens. It’s not something you have control over. Upon reading such a great comparison, I actually squealed happily because it’s so true and such a delightful way of expressing it.


Circus Town (p. 45)

From a city so bright
            to a strange little town;
            on a carousel spinning,
            around and around.

The dizzying height,
            of the stars from the ground.

The world all alight—
            With his sights, his sounds.

It’s like a rush of the bright lights and wind on a ride and the way it makes you dizzy. That’s what new love is like, or so I imagine. Yes, I must confess. I am a girl who’s never been in love. But, as I read this poem I feel like it must be quite similar, making you feel heady much like these things do and feel excited from the endorphin rush.

rollercoaster scene


After You (p. 65)

If I wrote it in a book,
            could I shelve it?

If I told of what you took,
            would that help it?

If I will it,
            can I un-feel it?
            now I’ve felt it?

This is one of the ones that made my heart drop a little bit. Who hasn’t ever wished they could un-feel something? Sadly, it’s impossible to take back feelings that have been had, and tainted. They leave a shadow and sometimes a pang, and the destruction feels irreparable. As has always been said though, it’s always darkest before the dawn, and before you know it you’ll be glad you couldn’t throw away those feelings you had because you could look back at everything that was good about them.


Beauty’s Curse (p. 95)

Her brow is drawn
            to worlds of dark;
            where arrows spring
            and miss their mark.

She’ll turn their heads—
            but not their hearts.

This poem strikes true with real life. It’s difficult to express, but beauty is often what people see first. Here, I feel like ‘she’ tries and tries, but always seems to miss out of finding love because each possible partner only sees how beautiful she is. Everything else about her gets lost.

There’s more to a person that what can only be seen.


Wishful Thinking (p. 99)

You say that you are over me,
            my heart—
            it skips,
            it sinks.

I see you now with someone new,
            I stare,
            I stare,
            I blink.

Someday I’ll be over you,
            I know,
            I know—
            I think.

With each new stanza, I saw the process of wishing you weren’t in love with this person who was no longer in love with you. It’s a longing you want to obliterate but can’t. You’re heart still pangs with the shadow of that love you have for that person, and as time goes on will it dwindle? Will it ever go away forever? Who knows?


This was truly a phenomenal book that allowed me to get lost, not so much in a fairy tale, but a wispy dream. I enjoyed the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding for certain  emotions I face in my own life very much.

I most certainly will come back to it and reread my favorite poems.


More to come soon…


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Midnight Tease

Midnight Tease - Giphy


Hello my loves! My amazing bookworms!

I hope everybody had a great Halloween. It is the best time of year. Even better than, dare I say it, Christmas. I KNOW!! You disagree probably, but I’m a Halloween baby. You keep your Christmas. I’ll dance around to the theme from Halloween. I know this year I dressed up as Void Stiles from Teen Wolf. It was a lot of fun. My boss at work was very worried and kept asking why I was angry though. I just smiled.


Anyway! It’s that time. The midnight hour has struck and I have the Midnight Tease, because who needs sleep? Not me! Actually, I probably do need sleep, but I love you and so I’ve brought this monthly update to you.

For those of you who have just recently joined me here, on The Scarlet Reader, this is the time when I show you what I’m reading, what I’ll soon be reading and what’s up for review this month. I love to keep everyone updated with what is on my current queue (which is on the back of my couch).

So without further ado…


Coming Soon…

Ghost_atniquity - LiveJournal




Author: Margaret Stohl

This one kind of piqued my curiosity because the author also worked on Beautiful Creatures, which I enjoyed.



Frankenstein/Dracula/Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Author: Mary Shelley/Bram Stoker/Robert Louis Stevenson

Ahhhh, a collection of classic horror novels. It’s like opening a Dr. Pepper. Completely delightful and thirst quenching. I got this collection last year, needing to have all three and it also comes with an introduction by Stephen King (a bonus!).


Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew: Ghost Stories #2
Author: Carolyn Keene

I discovered this one on my college campus actually and was kind of excited. I enjoy Nancy Drew every once in a while and ghost stories are always fun.


Hidden Oracle-Dark Prophecy

The Hidden Oracle & The Dark Prophecy
Author: Rick Riordan

I read the Percy Jackson series and really loved the cameo Apollo had, so I’m really looking forward to reading these. Plus I got Dark Prophecy for free because the pages were damaged, which helped me decide to get it. (Score!) I’m glad I can get these read before the next one come out which is May 1, 2018.





There are some books I’ve been working on for a few months now and some that I’ve been waiting to get to. I look forward to telling you about them in future reviews.


Diary of a Sex Fiend

Diary of a Sex Fiend
Author: Abby Lee


Broken Glass - Shattered Memories

Broken Glass & Shattered Memories
Author: V.C. Andrews


Where It Began

Where It Began
Author: Ann Redisch Stampler


Up for Review…

Midnight tease II - giphy


Love & Misadventure - SR

Love & Misadventure
Author: Lang Leav


Poison Princess

Poison Princess
Author: Kresley Cole


Mirror Sisters

The Mirror Sisters
Author: V.C. Andrews


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