When the Bees are Long Gone (Stung – A Book Review)

Stung (Stung #1)
Author: Bethany Wiggins
Published: 2013

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Stung - The Scarlet Reader

My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull bolt


There is no cure for being stung.

One minute Fiona is thirteen and being put to sleep for her safety and the safety of everyone else, the next she wakes up older and confused. There’s a strange tattoo on her hand, but these tattoos marked the infected, mindless, violent beasts.

Worse, she’s on the wrong side of the wall. She doesn’t know why or how, except that she’ll have to conceal her tattoo by any means necessary, especially after she’s caught by the militia. Now she’ll have an old friend and a new, shaky ally to stay alive as it becomes more obvious that she isn’t like the other tattooed beasts.

In this world, where a bee sting was more dangerous than anything else, Fiona may just help save it. That is, if she doesn’t end up dead first.


Fiona reawakens in a world that has completely crumbled because of the extinction of bees. People have to self-pollinate their fields. Women are scarce. Violent being that were once people roam the desolate world, destroying any living thing that crosses its paths.


How was this book? It is straight down the middle for me. It was good, but it wasn’t great. Call me psycho or morbid or anything, but I’ve always wondered about a world without the bees. It’s a real possibility. They’re going extinct and it sucks. I love bees. They help gives all kinds of things we need from food to beauty to life. So, I was pretty amped up. BUT. Yep, a but. Everyone has them and we all like to shake them. So, here’s a little shake-shake. There were pros and cons to this book.

Fiona was an interesting character. She struggled with her new reality because in her head she still felt like she was thirteen. I found that to be one of the COOLEST things in this book. It was so unique and incredibly realistic. Fiona had to play catch-up really fast and she had some help from her old neighbor/slash friend, Bowen, who’s no longer thirteen either, but seventeen, nearly eighteen. While there’s a spark between them, the progression between them went from subtle and gentle to suddenly macho speed and was very weird. He was so guarded against her and by the end of the book it was as if he couldn’t live without her. Just the way it came about was too rushed for my liking.

Scarlet Reader - Slow Down

The plot of the story was predictable and reminded me of The Maze Runner, but I loved it anyway. The way it came about was unique and bleak. I was thriving to see more of it. Wiggins did such a great job creating this dead world. I could imagine the dead and barren, grey wasteland and the vibrant, tech city behind a great wall. The law and lack thereof in this universe were horrifying. You don’t want to be a girl here. Although, not going to lie, I wouldn’t mind reading a book where men are the rare ones alive. Just saying.

Some parts of the book came off as ridiculous and filler. Not good filler either, sadly. The flashbacks on Fiona’s life really added to her backstory, but it was some of the interaction between her and Bowen that felt like too far of a stretch. Like, it was forced. However, there were some lines that were so good they took my breath away.

As I said, this book was right down the middle.



I like and didn’t like this. It’s really a 50/50. I may read the sequel just to see how it goes for Fiona and see if she and Bowen could have a life together. This wasn’t a mind-blower, just a decent read to pass the time.



“I don’t remember going to sleep. All I remember is waking up here—a place as familiar as my own face.” (Fiona, p. 1)

“I will not die without fighting for a life I am not yet done living.” (Fiona, p. 253)


More to come soon…



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Sundown Rundown – July, 2018


Good evening bookworms!

The sky is a wild array of oranges, reds, pinks, and purples. The sun is cresting the horizon, ready to sleep for the night. The stars are peeking out. It’s dusk, my favorite time of day, and this is the Sundown Rundown where I tell you all that I’ve read and reviewed this month.

So, if you missed a review or a ramble then this is a good place to catch up!

On a side note: Orange is the New Black, Season 6 came out just a few days ago and it was wild, intense, and I believe it shed some light on some very real issues. Still with the comedy and awkwardness, it’s still freaking amazeballs.

It’s been a busy and surprisingly long month. So, here we go!




Author: Anne Rice

Rowan, leader of the Mayfair coven is missing. Her husband is going mad without her. Lasher, a free demon now, holds her hostage, trying to get children out of her. Looking to be disturbed a bit? This is a great one! Paranormal takes a bit of a V.C. Andrews twist in this follow-up to The Witching Hour.




Author: Dean Koontz

Every time lightning strikes he is there, her guardian angel. From the night she was born and onward, he’s watched over her, but why? Romance, sci-fi, and tragedy as twisted into one. And if you have an infatuation about lightning like me then read this.


How to Hang A Witch

How to Hang a Witch

Author: Adriana Mather

WITCH! A curse hangs over Salem, Massachusetts and it’s up to Sam Mather and a ghost to put an end to it before the torches and pitchforks start coming after her.


Burning Maze

The Apollo Trials: The Burning Maze

Author: Rick Riordan

Book three of The Apollo Trials. Filled with more comedy from the teenaged Apollo as well as tragedy and struggle, this time, from down in the labyrinth. With new additions to his quest, it’s soon realized that this may be bigger than Apollo realized.


Wicked Lovely

Wicked Lovely

Author: Melissa Marr

Faeries are all around you. The key is to not acknowledge them in anyway. For Ash, that proves nearly impossible until her way of life is threatened. Then she’s designated to bring an end to a curse over the Summer fey. Can she resist the Summer King, Keenan, though? And what about her best friend Seth?


Children of Blood and Bone

Children of Blood and Bone

Author: Tomi Adeyemi

Magic is gone. It’s been killed. But a spark creates hope. A rebel, a princess, and the responsible one go to turn magic back on and possibly bring back the god and save their homeland, Orisha.


The Mermaid

The Mermaid

Author: Christina Henry

After loss of her husband, Amelia waits by the ocean, wishing for him to come back. Then she is convinced to move on and join P.T. Barnum’s museum. They’re looking for a mermaid, and aren’t they lucky? They just found one. but, they don’t believe it, and all Barnum sees is money when he looks at her.


Water For Elephants

Water for Elephants

Author: Sara Gruen

Tragedy and romance under the big top. Jacob becomes the vet for the circus after the loss of his parents. During the Great Depression, he finds one of the greatest times of his life an one of the hardest.




Author: Sarah Fines

Get pulled—dragged—into this intense rush. The world has collapsed environmentally. Cacy, a Ferry and a paramedic, gets a new partner. Eli. Both of them are undeniably attracted to each other and both of them have secrets. Drama. Tragedy. And holy hell, romance.


Jay's Journal

Jay’s Journal

Author: Anonymous

A slow building, scary story. Boy gets involved in witchcraft that turns into Satanism that ultimately leads to his death. The really scary part? It’s all true.


Favorite Book this Month: There were so many that were really enjoyable. This month there was a tie. Children of Blood and Bone and Marked. They both got me tied up. Children worked me over with it’s beautiful world and how the story was an incredible parallel with our own world. Marked hooked me with its nonstop action and characters that had explosive chemistry. I really couldn’t choose. The magic in both of these books was off the wall.

Least Favorite Book the Month: Lasher. As wonderful as the in-depth detail and characters and the darkness of witchcraft was, I was lagging during this book. I could’ve skipped over a good bit of what went on. That ruins a great novel, I know, but the length really put me off. The supernatural is my favorite, but like I said, I dragged. I just couldn’t get as invested as I wanted to, and trust me, I tried.


Until next month!!


More to come soon…



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To Heaven or Hell With Them (Marked – A Book Review)

Marked (Servants of Fate #1)
Author: Sarah Fine
Published: 2015

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My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt Half bolt



In post-apocalyptic Boston,

Supernatural factions battle

For human souls.

 In a world that’s been swamped by environmental collapse—coasts have flooded, countries have gone dry or iced over, and disease has spread—Boston paramedic and heiress, Cacia-Cacy-Ferry risks her life on the front lines in the dangerous city. What most don’t know is that she also ferries those who die on to the afterlife. That’s right, she goes into limbo to make sure souls go where they need to go, whether to heaven or to the fiery depths of hell.

Enter, new transfer and partner to Cacy, Eli Margolis, who has a past of his own, and who’s only concerned with making sure his sister is safe. Though wary of the Ferry family, Eli finds himself attracted to Cacy. Cacy isn’t sure about jumping into a relationship, but she can’t stay away from Eli either. But, when he’s marked for death, Cacy will do whatever it takes to save him, even risk her future, and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her and his sister.

This book marks 13 out of 25 authors, from my New Year’s resolution, that I’ve never read from before. Every once in a while…okay a little more than that, I will pluck a book at random to give myself a chance to read something new. This is one of them.

A death rocks the Ferry family and Cacy won’t stop until she finds out who did it. She blames the Ker-vicious, sharp toothed, red eyed, greedy creatures that mark people for death, much like the fates. The Ferry an Ker factions are close to war and Eli has no idea just how in the middle of it he and his sister are. And let me just say, I wish I knew more about these factions. There wasn’t enough information on them at the start. It was about halfway through the novel that I had a hook on them and how they worked.

This book was intense, steamy, and supernatural. I was just hanging on for dear life as Cacy’s and Eli’s lives collided. This was so action packed whether from heart pumping danger or seriously sexy moments that were breath stealing. I really enjoyed it. This was certainly one of those stories filled with drama, romance, and everything else under the sun. It’s fantastic and shock worthy! There was a lot I didn’t see coming.

Side note: This isn’t YA. It contains mature language and sexual content. However, that’s not to say young adults can’t it shouldn’t read it. They’ll read whatever they please. This is just a warning that it actually doesn’t fall into that genre.

I get really into world-building and this one was really interesting. Our planet is in a bit of a rough spot as it is with climate change and pollution, so Fine’s creation/morph of the world in her book is nice! She captured future in which the world rages back against humanity incredibly and realistically. A third of the world was wiped out from disease and from there everything else just collapsed. People are stealing organs like plucking apples from a tree, and technology has advanced so that vehicles can drive right on to the water and medical supplies It’s so creative, yet a great way to play on the real world. This alone really got me interested in reading this.


The chemistry between Cacy and Eli was electrifying! They’re hot and cold and HOT! It’s gasp worthy. They connected instantly and I couldn’t get enough. The build-up was enough to make me pop.

I loved that they both had a story and that they collided. They’re incredible together—a wildfire blazing in a dark world. Eli doesn’t come off as a hot shot nor an overly broody man. The way that Cacy is so straightforward, knowing what she wants, and she’s strong is powerful and endearing. I love a female character like this, especially because she kicks ass and takes names. Both she and Eli propel into danger for those they care about. That trait is always one that sweeps me off my feet.

Dead of Winter

Fine’s writing was incredible. It was entertaining and gripping. I couldn’t put this book down! My heart skipped beats. My pulse was racing. The supernatural element was fresh and original. However, I did find it a little confusing every once in a while. I wish the way the way Cacy’s supernatural ability worked was more accessible. Every once in a while, it just didn’t get through to me or was a little repetitive. I did think it was interesting, how dark and light intermingled with how heaven and hell were described by Cacy. I just wish the imagery had been stronger with limbo, the marked, the coin that moved the dead to their afterlives, and the Ker.

Overall, this was a pretty good book. This wasn’t a what I consider a literary piece, but it was a fun ride! There many parts I reread because I couldn’t get enough. I hope to find the second book sometime in the future. For those of you that enjoy really in depth, supernaturally original. Oh, and this is totally not YA.


“Life isn’t fair, Cacy, and neither is death.” (Dec to Cacy, p. 58)

“I’m on your side, Eli. There is more going on here than you understand, but there one thing you can count on. She. Is. Yours.” (Moros to Eli, p. 210)

“I see you better than you see yourself.” (Cacy to Eli, p. 283)

“I don’t believe in deserving. You haven’t deserved most of what has happened to you. But it happened anyway. So did we.” (Cacy to Eli, p. 285)

More to come soon…


P.S. Song today? Trouble by Natalia Kills.

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Destiny Strikes More Than Once ( Lightning – A Book Review)

Author: Dean R. Koontz
Published: 1988

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My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt


Destiny struggles to reassert the pattern that was meant to be.

A storm struck and lightning streaked the sky the nigh that Laura Shane was born. There was something strange about it that people would remember for a long time. The blond-haired stranger that came out of nowhere and saved her from a fatal delivery was even more mysterious. He shows again years later, and again later, saving her over and over.

Laura believes she has a guardian angel that watches over her. But as tragedies strike, she begins to questions whether this blond-haired stranger is a guardian, but rather a devil? Why is he watching out for her? Why mess with her life, her fate?

This book marks 11 out of 25 authors, from my New Year’s resolution, that I’ve never read from before. Over and over, I’ve been told how great Dean Koontz is so I was amped to put him on the list and finally start reading some of his works.

Laura led a complex life, but with her guardian angel that’s protected her since birth it’s a little better, a little more hopeful. When she finally gets a moment to talk to him and ask him why he’s chosen her to watch over the answer stuns her, changing her life forever. He’s in love with her.

My mom recommended this book to me and as my first Dean Koontz book, I liked it. This is her favorite by him. She does nothing but gush about it. I also have an obsession with lightning so I was excited to read this book on just those two principles. LOL.

The characters were so beautiful. I was really taken with them. My heart went out to Laura who went through some really tough and dark times as she grew up, and survived them. My heart just dropped right out my chest and into La La Land for Stefan (that blond hair and blue eyes *sigh*). I couldn’t stop laughing at Laura’s best friend, Thelma, and Laura’s son, Chris because they were just too damn funny. What each of these characters brought to the book really rounded it all out.

The element of time travel was so eloquently done with how Stefan shows up periodically throughout Laura’s life. Very creative with the lightning; using it to travel was really unique and breathtaking. Lightning is such a powerful source. It can kill a person and bring them back to life. It’s impossible to control and one of nature’s most splendid forces. I was super intrigued by it!


The writing really just pulled me along. It was done in two parts, which basically follow Laura as she grows up and then goes on to follow her and Stefan when they finally come together. Filled with romance, action, and suspense, this book was filled with entertainment from beginning to the end. Definitely one of those ones that’ll have you going, “Well, that escalated.” as well as have you feeling moved beyond words.

I may not have loved this book as much as my mom, but I certainly enjoyed it. This book left me with that sweet long feeling that leaves your heart feeling heavy and full. The ending was sweet and tender. Laura and Stefan were such amazing characters that swept me away. Both of them are strong with such big hearts.

Just a side question: Why hasn’t a movie been made based on this book?


“Eliot wrote: ‘Saints and martyrs rule from the tombs.’” (Stefan to Viktor, p. 29)

“Life is serious and a joke at the same time.” (Laura, p. 81)

“Adversity breeds toughness, and the tough succeed. And survive.” (Laura, p. 148)

More to come soon…


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Blurring From the Future (The Flash: The Haunting of Barry Allen – A Book Review)

The Flash: The Haunting of Barry Allen
Author: Susan Griffith & Clay Grifffith
Published: 2016

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The Flash

My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt

My name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive. I solve my problems by running faster. Always faster…

Out in Central City, Barry Allen, the Flash, comes is shocked by an older and weathered and badly injured version of himself, the Flash. Before he can ask him anything, he’s gone.

Then Barry begins experiencing glitches with his powers and it couldn’t be at a worse time. Many of the Rogues such as the Pied Piper, Weather Wizard, and Peekaboo are wreaking havoc on the city. As it gets worse and team Flash struggles to figure out the villain’s endgame and how to help Barry, Barry calls in a good friend to help.

Oliver Queen—the Arrow.


Every once in a while I’ll review a branch-off novel of TV shows. I really enjoy my shows and some of the books are pretty dang good. I am a HUGE fan of the Flash. BIG. LIKE REALLY BIG! So, when I heard about this book I was squeeeing over the moon.

The season may be over until the fall, but this crossover will tide you over. It did for me. Humorous, witty, non-stop speed. A beautiful combination, that is. Some of the show’s classic rogues come together for a sneaky plan and it was very awesome. There was a part of me that kind of hoped to get a glimpse of Captain cold or Heatwave, but they were not around. *sad face*

Still, the story was fast and great, leaving me plenty enthralled and entertained with my hero and his smart and amazing friends. I loved that I couldn’t really predict anything. It was refreshing. There were so many moments that I was shocked, especially with one major cameo that made me a bit sappy. It’s somebody-if you’ve been watching the show-that you know.

I also missed HR; Tom Cavanagh is a-freaking-mazing with balancing multiple version of himself and great with the funny.

From the setting to the characters to the very heart of this hero, everything stayed to true to its tune and then some! There was a much deeper emotional pull, one that I don’t think you can get from the show. You’re in these characters hearts in a way that looks and words just can’t convey. I loved the chance to glimpse into their hearts and see just how in depth their feelings are.

This book was wonderfully canon and really adds to the Arrow/Flash Universe. If I’m correct, it actually takes place some time after season 2 but before Season 3Seeing Oliver Queen and company come to Barry’s aid really warms my heart. The bromance between the two gentleman heroes is among one of my utmost favorites. They’re great opposites with Barry being the goofy young brother figure and Oliver being the serious and rather broody older brother. The fact that they come through for each when its most important is just beautiful.

Barry and Oliver

I loved this novel. It was fun and really gave me that dose I needed of the Flash this summer. If you love superheroes, with and comedy, and that family feel-good, read this.


“I’m like a sexy Yoda. With me, there is no try, there is only do.” (Cisco, p. 102)

“There was no expiration date on grieving. It became a part of you, and you had to make room for it or you would forever feel it inside you, like and invader.” (Joe, p. 151)

“In this new world, even dead doesn’t mean dead anymore.” (John Diggle, p. 315)

More to come soon…


P.S. Song today? Heroes by Alesso ft. Tove Lo.

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If The Earth Wills It (The 100: Rebellion – A Book Review)

The 100: Rebellion (The 100 #4)
Author: Kass Morgan
Published: 2016

The 100 rebellion

My Rating: Full boltFull boltHalf bolt

There’s no such thing as peace on Earth.

Things are finally beginning to look up for everybody. After all of the hardships from environmental adjustments to other survivors of the planet’s aftermath of the cataclysm things are coming together. Now, those once deemed delinquents only sent to Earth as guinea pigs are leaders of their community. The last of the dropships have come down to Earth and they’re all getting ready to celebrate in light of reunions and togetherness with neighboring villages.

Then suddenly, the celebration is brought to an end before it begin when cultists that worship the planet attack the colonists, steal their supplies and even kidnap some of the colonists. Clarke, along with Bellamy and others set out to rescue their friends. Those captured can do nothing, but go along with these people while trying to reason with them or they may end up dead.

Their rescuers have to get to them as many lives hang in the balance. More than that, they will need to do whatever it takes to call this dangerous planet home.

The 100

Yes, I know. This is book 4 of the series, which if you read my previous review—The 100: Day 21—you know I’ve skipped a book. I’ve skipped two, actually; 1 & 3. No shame. Sometimes it just happens. Though, I do have to say, this one just like the previous, didn’t hit out of the park for me. And no, it’s not because they were out of order. Kass Morgan still does a wonderful job in keeping me informed about what’s been happening. I really love a good recap because I get nostalgic every once in a while and like to relive memories of what’s happened in the past. It really shows how far the journey has come for these characters you’ve been with since the beginning, or in case you’re starting in a random place, you get curious and go back to the beginning.

There were a few characters introduced in this addition to the series. Max, a leader of the villagers that are celebrating with the colonists. Anna, who turns out to be from one to the dropships that got lost. And lastly, Soren, the big bad leader of the cult that’s out to do Earth’s will (which is super creepy.). There were plenty of other characters, but they weren’t memorable enough for me to remember them and that really sucked. There were several times that I reminded about who our main characters were, but at this point I’m skimming past it because I’ve been told the same thing already. I just wish I’d been shown more through their actions instead.

the 100

On a side note: Octavia’s character could’ve been so much more. In the midst of being one of the ones kidnapped and trying to find a way out of this cult hell, she meets Anna. The chemistry was instant and I was amped up!  But. Yup, there’s a but. The representation of LGBT with her incredibly irked and pissed me off. It’s not because she didn’t represent it correctly in some way that it felt fake. Love is love, but it moved so damn fast and was barely acknowledged ergo representation fell flat. There was nothing aside from a glance or even romance. It’s literally Girl meets Girl –> Girl and Girl automatically dating. You blink and you miss it. There was no in-between, no discovery, no depth, making it feel utterly random, like okay, let’s just add this in for the hell of it because we need a gay character. *queue my frowny face* Now, when the circumstances are you being held hostage by a cult, I get it, but there wasn’t much to go on. I wanted to know so much more about them. This was a big moment for Octavia. I was all gushy at this prospect but got upset because it was a big poof. Maybe it was just me that felt this way…

There was still a lacking in intensity, not as much as in the previous one I read, but still. I couldn’t get attached. Each character just felt flat. Aside from how they moved forward, they didn’t move upward. There was no true growth. They were still acting like petulant children and on a planet that could eat them alive. It really bugged me! They landed on the ground before everyone else and that does put them in a better spot for leadership, but they don’t act like leaders. They still bicker and bitch and blah! I know that they’re still teenagers, but still. There’s that level of maturity and intuition you get when your life is threatened on a constant basis. They didn’t have it.

I will say that there were a few surprises at a few corners. That was quite pleasant. They didn’t toss me around and spin me, but they did catch me off guard. I’ve got appreciation for them. It was a definite upgrade from Day 21 in that area.

Shattered Memories

The tone of the characters are still relatively the same. Bland. There so much lack ing in detail. Everything felt plain. This whole world they’re in is still so brand new and it’s like the place is just shrug worthy. There’s a lack of awe. It leaves me really friggin’ confused.

Unbreakable huh

Like I said, this book didn’t do much for me. There wasn’t enough distress to make me feel like these people were in any real danger. You know that feeling you get when some serious stuff is about to happen and your heart pounds, you may even sweat a little, wondering and worrying whether your characters will make it? Its predictability made me lose any excitement I had.

Also, this could all be just because I’m picky. It hits me sometimes. Some people have really enjoyed this series. It’s one of those ones on the fence. Either you really enjoy it or you don’t. I fell on the side of those who don’t.


“You’re young. Strong. If the Earth wills it, you’ll be just fine.” (Protector to Wells, p. 46)

“Some people look at the world and see only what they can take from it. What they can can reap, steal, carry away.” (Soren to Glass, p. 141)

“After everything they’d been through, everything they’d survived, none of them were going down without a fight.” (Glass, p. 211)

More to come soon…


P.S. Song today? Suspension by Lights.

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The New World Has Blue Corn (The 100: Day 21 – A Book Review)

The 100: Day 21 (The 100 #2)
Author: Kass Morgan
Published: 2014

The 100 Day 21

My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull bolt


They had been sent to Earth as living test subjects, the first people to set foot on the planet in three hundred years. But they were mistaken.

Some people had never left.

Day 5. Day 11. Day 17. Day 21. 21 days since 100 kids from confinement were put on a dropship and sent down to the Earth to see whether it was finally habitable or not. To see if it’s safe for the rest of Arcadia could come down from space to repopulate the planet. It’s not. Safe that is. There are others, survivors, that survived the great cataclysm that made the world uninhabitable for the last 300 years due to radiation.

There was so much unaccounted for when this mission began so many years ago. What happens if Arcadia malfunctions, threatening the lives of everyone on board? How do you retaliate against a mutiny? How do you try to prove that you’re not foe but friend? That you’re not the delinquents that were sent to Earth just as a last chance?

The lives of those on the ground and those still up in the stars are threatened and they have to figure out a way to protect themselves. Will they resort to drastic, dangerous measures or can there be peace?


So this is book #2 of The 100 series. Clarke, Bellamy, Wells, and Glass are all struggling with tough decisions they’ve made, and with the ones they will make.

The 100

Okay, so let’s not yell at me. I know this is the second book. And nope, I haven’t read the first one. This came into the bookstore and the first one didn’t. The bargain store does that a lot-give you every other book in a series except the very first one. I’ve never had an issue reading out of order with a series. I did it with A Series of Unfortunate Events and that’s one of my FAVORITE series aside from Morganville Vampires, which is my #1. As it turns out, that’s all okay. Kass Morgan does a wonderful job in keeping you updated about what’s happened already during these characters’ adventures.

Arcadia (AKA The ARC in the TV show) is split up by class. Ration points determine whether you survive. The smallest infraction could land you in confinement, but only if you’re under eighteen. At eighteen and older you get floated into the dark depths of space. On the ground, 100 kids that were held in confinement for crimes committed on the ship are the ones to discover what’s changed on Earth and if it’s safe. They have no idea what to expect. Radiation? Influenza? Dangerous animals?

What they didn’t expect were other people. The 100 have to figure out how to co-exist or how will the others survive when they come down to join them on the ground?

Thumbs Up

All of that being said, this wasn’t that great of a read for me. I just wasn’t taken with the writing style. The book focuses on four characters’ POVs: Wells, Clarke, Bellamy, and Glass.

Wells is a do-gooder and just truly wants to keep peace and figure out how to make a home. Clarke, like her mom, works to keep everyone safe and in good health, but just like Wells, she doesn’t believe in violence as a solution. Bellamy, hard-headed, but protective of those he cares about and he’s well-known for jumping to conclusions (usually the wrong one). Glass, sneaky and spry, she proves that one will do anything for the ones they love, even get locked up and break out.

This is not what steered me awry though. I don’t mind getting to know multiple characters throughout a book. It’s a great close-up. What I got hung up on was the lack of intensity. These guys are on Earth where nothing is what is seems. This generation doesn’t even know what it’s like because they were raised in space, but I got the vibe that they didn’t treat this experience with enough caution. Everything was taken with a grain of salt. It bugged me. I was scowling a lot.

That also leads me to my next issue with the book. I didn’t find it all that believable. I know, sci-fi/dystopian should be enough to tell me it’s not real, but like any reader, I want to be there in the moment with these characters. I just didn’t get there. Because if I were on a planet that was once called home and I’ve only ever studied it from a classroom then I’d be overly cautious and not all that assuming that everything is okay. I wouldn’t be able to shrug it off. I’d be watching my back. You have to adapt over time, not right away.

More so, some of these plot twists that were constructed in the book were super obvious. I won’t give them away, but each one felt like a whoopie cushion getting sat on. Drawn out fart sounds and all.

The 100

I do watch the TV Show and I have to say, this is one of those rare instances where the show is better than the book(s). There were so many characters that are in the show and aren’t in the book(s). I couldn’t get enough of a visual from the imagery of the book, so I mostly went off of what I’ve seen on the show while I read. Same with what these characters looked. I had no visual to go off of when picturing what they looked like. What really got me the most was the fact that when issues arose they were immediately solved and the happy ending was inevitable. Everybody just made up and forgave each other a little too easily. You what I mean? When there’s a heavy subject approached, one doesn’t just let it go. We humans are funky that way. But by the end of the book that was the case. It made me really itchy and made me make a screwy face.

The character development was much stronger in the show as well. Characters grew stronger with each season and I didn’t feel like there was any growth within the book. Clarke’s character worried me the most in this area. So did Octavia’s. These young women are given an opportunity to be tough and solidify a place in a new world and they didn’t. They fell flat in my opinion.

However, there was one difference between the book(s) and show that was very cool. Bellamy and Clarke are together in the book(s) and when I say together, I mean very together. My heart was pattering away like hummingbird wings at that discovery. I love their relationship on the show and completely accept that they might never be romantic during the entire series. I do believe they love each other though. I totally think they’re soulmates and if one of them bites the bullet the other will, right behind them, as well. And before I go further here’s my thought on that sentence—soulmates don’t have to be romantic; they can be best friends, family, lovers, anything that creates such an intense bond that one won’t make it without the other. They’re lives are so interconnected. And if you’ve kept up with the series so far, you know what I’m saying. Anyway, back on point, in the book the two of them are very involved and it’s so sweet because I’ve wondered what it would be like if they were. They’re such great partners, very strong.

The 100

And for those of you who need that dose of them before the new season promos come up…

The 100


I don’t know if I’d recommend this book. I was so iffy. I’m so glad such a great show was inspired and created from it, that’s for sure. And seeing the differences between the two were very interesting and surprising. But I was so thrown off my axis. This just wasn’t my thing.

I say give it a shot, but stay on guard. You could go either way. This one is all about taste. The story isn’t terrible at all.



“She’d just saved hundreds of lives—and drastically shortened hundreds more. Including their own.” (Clarke, p. 139)

“Nothing is worth losing our chance at getting to Earth.” (Luke to Sonja, p. 194)

“Its job isn’t to time anymore. It’s to remind us of our past, of all the things that are important to us. It may no long tick, but it carries the memory of every life is recorded. It beats with the echo of a million heartbeats.” (Clarke’s Dad to Clarke, p. 208)

More to come soon…



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