Let’s Talk About S-E-X Baby (Diary of a Sex Fiend – A Book Review)

Diary of a Sex Fiend
Author: Abby Lee
Published: 2014

Diary of a Sex Fiend

My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt


What makes someone a sex fiend? How do you not screw up a friendship with sex? How do avoid confrontation with your parents on the subject of sex? Is too much sex a bad thing, especially if you enjoy it? Abby Lee answers all kinds of unimaginable questions through her sensuous and sexual adventures. Questions you never thought about and never knew were questions that would make an peach blush. In this spunky, fun, and utterly honest memoir Abby Lee celebrates her sexuality and explores her needs as a woman who enjoys sex and what she wants in a relationship.

Over the course of an entire year she chronicles her sexual life from exploring same sex encounters to experiencing her BDSM side to engaging in a swinger’s club. Abby is not shy about sharing every tid-bit. Shocking and fearless, guides to dating and the enjoyment of sex comes in such a unique form. There is no sugarcoating. This is the full monty for a woman who has no shame and enjoys her sexuality.

“An erotic version of Bridget Jones.” –The Sunday Times (London)


This book was a shock to the system. But so not in a bad way. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was expecting some Fifty Shades of Grey shit. NOPE. Honestly, it’s so much better. So much more. You’re not just getting an understanding of great sex. You’re also getting a one on one experience about exploring what you may want. Abby is figuring out herself, asking some interesting questions that led me to ask my own questions about aspects of my life.

The writing follows the traditional diary entry, dating the entry and discussing the day’s adventures. It’s pretty straight forward and easy to follow through her POV. I was never one for diaries. Lord knows I’ve started over a dozen in my life and I’d get about a month in before quitting. I’m terrible! Even a professor I had in college said so. Well, she didn’t come right out and say so, but you know those social queues where a person wants to be completely polite about saying you suck. I apparently suck about writing about my own life. That’s okay. It’s a confusing, blurry mess anyway.

The way Abby talked about her experiences, that weren’t always in the bedroom, was something entirely new for me. My eyes bulged from their sockets on more than one occasion while reading her entries. I don’t go about reading sex all the time. And if I did, who cares? This book wasn’t just erotic. It was intensely informative. Sex can be a strange and blush-inducing topic to approach and Abby does a stunning job. This is the front seat of a roller coaster about sex and the dos and don’ts and the wild ride of finding the great orgasm. Besides the great orgasm there’s the exploration of wanting what the heart wants-a good relationship. (Maybe that’s too straightforward. I never guaranteed reviews that were strictly PG-13.)

At the end of each chapter, which encapsulates a month, she gives a list to follow that she pulls from her personal experiences and discoveries. My favorite is The Girl’s Top Ten Guide to Chatting Someone Up. I’m socially awkward. Like seriously socially awkward and nervous. This list was deeply enlightening. My last date was last February (it’s a loooong time, I know, but this is a small town and I don’t trust a lot of people here, anyway,) and…it didn’t go very far. He was nice. He had what I call the Hoechlin grin. If you know who that is then you know what I’m talking about. It was a great smile. Buuut, me as myself, I rambled like a complete moron. I honestly can’t help it, especially when the man is good looking and super sweet. It takes a bit to get comfortable. He seemed to think it was adorable. Plus for me since I’m usually a fidgety mess. By the third date however, I still hadn’t got much of anything out of the guy. I don’t know about anybody else, but that bugs me. You can’t be a complete stranger and expect to crawl down on me, which he did. I do not work that way. He also did this thing where he’d laugh at me. Not with me. At me. Deeply discomforting, especially since that’s all he’d do. Like I said, we didn’t move far. Yet, he still follows my snapchat. Awkward. (Didn’t expect to share, but books will do that-make you relive a couple memories.)


That’s when you realize that you aren’t like every other person out there. That’s also what this book did for me. Sex is different for everyone and Abby even talks about that a little. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. For me, I’m not searching for that quickie fix. I attempted in college. Was unsuccessful. I can do bad all by myself anyway. But damn! If you’re hoping for something I’ve got to know you some. Stranger danger and all that. Plus, I like to talk and have a good time. Stimulate me more than just with your…wits. Because trust me, it’ll get your farther. I’m not saying I’m abstinent. I’m not waiting until marriage. Hell, I’m sure we don’t have to be in a relationship. But work with me. I’m like a puzzle. Work the pieces.

This is a personal exploration. Of course at this point in the review, I’m sure you’ve gathered that much already. How many people can honestly share something like this and to the public? It’s nerve-wracking and completely brave. I never would’ve dreamed of doing it, yet anymore-and partially because of the courage I’ve gotten through this book-I find myself more open about what I want, but not so much as going for it as being there to admit it. There are a lot of things I don’t know about and some I do. I’m working on being comfortable with myself.

Diary of a Sex Fiend


This is such a fun book for people who are looking for guidance or maybe not looking for guidance, but a place to relate to with their own personal experiences. Hell, even if you’re just looking a romp of fun, read this. It’s not your typical memoir. This was new and revolutionary for me. It was exciting and made my heart ache. Things I have thought about before, but never truly gave much thought, were explored in this book and I’m so glad for this great find.


The author does have a Twitter and even a Patreon blog going, which I hope to join one day. It costs a bit and I’m still living in student dept, so it has to wait. I’m happy to follow her on Twitter though.


More to come soon…



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Sundown Rundown – January, 2018


Good evening, book clan! It is the inbetween and the end of the month! Pardon my excitement.

I hope you all have had a good month! Mine has been pretty productive and very snowy. There have been a couple days that I couldn’t get to work actually, but I did get some great reading and writing in. So, not a total loss. I am counting down the days to warmer weather.

In December I said I was going to begin posting an end of the month round-up of everything I’ve read and here I am! True to my word. I found it tricky to figure out a fun and lovely way to post it. Then I thought about it. My favorite time of day is dusk. Twilight. The end of the day when the breeze is cool and the sun is on the horizon, painting the sky in splashes of orange, purple, blue, pink and so many other colors. It’s a moment when I’m wispy and daydreamy. The fireflies start blinking at each other and the wind smells like the trees. It’s when all the day’s stress drain from my body. Aaaaand I’ve totally distracted you. Sorry! Anyway, here we are. The Sundown Rundown. Where you can relax and catch up on what you might’ve missed this month on my blog. Hell, start a conversation at the bottom. Tell me about what you’ve read. What have you watch on TV this month? A favorite movie? Just kick back and relax. This is painless (hopefully) and short.

Over the month I’ve continued on with a series that I’ve been obsessed with, working a few classics, got updated on a recent series, and even got to read an ARC that was transformative for me.

And like I said, if you’ve missed a review or two then you can definitely catch up here.

Because of Winn-Dixie

Because of Winn-Dixiereview here

Author: Kate Dicamillo

Certainly one the greatest flashback to my own childhood when I reread this one.


Draculareview here

Author: Bram Stoker

The one that started it all, Dracula. He’s no Spike or Edward, but the vampire still seduce the best of them and he’s unforgiving.

Girls in the Picture

The Girls in the Picturereview here

Author: Melanie Benjamin

My love for film was magnified threefold when I read this historical story on two of Hollywood’s most magnificent women in film.

HIdden Oracle

The Hidden Oraclereview here

Author: Rick Riordan

The god, Apollo, having issues being human? I’m here for it! That way I can also make fun of him and watch him stumble around and complain.

Dark Prophecy

The Dark Prophecyreview here

Author: Rick Riordan

The adventure continues! And I’m surprised Apollo made it to the next book alive. LOL. Just kidding. I was deeply impressed with how far the god has come and I can’t wait for the third book.

Dead of Winter - SR

Dead of Winterreview here

Author: Kresley Cole

Continuing this gut-wrenching series. I’m so sucked in that I’m dismissing real like right now.  I may be a tad obsessed. Maybe. Can I hashtag #TeamJack? I’m hanging by a thread with this story.

Day Zero

Day Zeroreview here

Author: Kresley Cole

I really enjoyed the information this addition to The Arcana Chronicles. Really updates you on the deathly playing that all of the powerful characters are on. It was also tragic see how their lives were changed the night of the Flash, the great apocalypse.


Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hydereview here

Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

There’s nothing like a creepy stalker around town to stir up the neighbors and an experiment gone wrong to bring out the dark side of man.

The Thing About Jellyfish

the thing about jellyfishreview here

Author: Ali Benjamin

Want your heart to explode with too many feelings? READ THIS! It’s so sweet, sad, and will make you weep both happily and sadly. Such a great story.

So it’s been quite the productive month!

My favorite book this month was Dead of Winter hands down. It’s a part of The Arcana Chronicles series. I haven’t been so invested in a series in a very long time. When I start one of the books I’m not even in the world anymore. You can’t tell me that’s not one of the best feelings ever. It is. Admit it.

My least favorite book this month was Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It was a hard choice because I really enjoyed all of the reads, but if there’s one that fell short, even in the slightest, it’s this one. I love horror. I love a good classic, though it takes me longer to read one compared to other books. It didn’t strike me as much of a horror and I found it hard to keep track of the characters at some parts.

I also want to say thank you to everyone keeping up with me on here. I would love to hear from you. You’re fantastic and I’m glad you’re along for my adventures (AKA incessant rambling). I know I’m really excitable about books, but I’m also honest. Sometimes they’re amazing and abduct me from the planet, like a UFO other times they slowly murder me, like the worst horror movie ever. LOL.

I ultimately enjoy that I can talk about books as well as get some recommendations from you folks. Definitely keep up. It’s only the beginning of 2018. It may be the end of January, but here comes February.

More to come soon…


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The Mechanical Dragon, Two Griffins and A Dozen Battle Ostriches (The Dark Prophecy – A Book Review)

The Dark Prophecy (The Trials of Apollo #2)
Author: Rick Riordan
Published: 2017

Dark Prophecy

My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt


Go west. Capture Apollo before he can find the next Oracle.

Apollo is new to the whole hero-quest-business. Usually his demigod master, Meg McCaffey does all of the fighting, but she’s missing, which totally isn’t his fault. Really it’s not. It’s her stepfather, Nero’s, who just so happens to be an old enemy of Apollo’s. With Meg gone, Apollo relies on a couple of other, erm, friends to help him with the Oracles.

For some reason, Apollo and crew land in Indianapolis and just when they think there’s nothing happening—seriously, it’s flat land for miles and there was nobody around—a roman emperor that’s working with Nero makes himself known. Already having gone through so much, Apollo has to stop him before they can even get to the next Oracle and before he destroys them.


Just like the first one, The Hidden Oracle (review here), there was so much humor and fun.  I don’t know why, but Apollo’s suffering really gives me a little joy. He is getting to see just how dangerous it can get on the ground floor instead of just watching from a bird’s eye view. He’s experiencing so many emotions; it’s like seeing a newborn baby bird get shoved out of its nest, except he fell on his face instead of taking flight. More so, I really REALLY loved seeing the realizations that Apollo was coming to in regards to his demigod friends and other aquaintances. They aren’t just meager ants to him anymore. More didn’t just pop up after a few were destroyed. The continued growth of humanity in the ex-god hit a soft spot with me.

The Dark Prophecy


I don’t have much to say about the style and tone because Riordan does splendid in keeping both up from the previous book. That’s the best praise I’ve got. I had no qualms. Though, I felt like the level of funny went up a notch. Let’s just say the Kool-Aid man had a brief cameo.

The Dark Prophecy Oh Yeah


We more or less stayed put compared to the previous book. While in the first book Apollo and Meg were running all over the place, though it centered around Camp Half-Blood, this one stayed put in the city of Indianapolis. It was still great to see it up close. There wasn’t any one time that I felt like the story was dragging along because of this. If there was a tid-bit to explore it was explored and well-detailed. So while it was all one spot, the scenes through the chapters were all perfectly fitting. I really liked that.

Thumbs Up

There were more returning characters!!! I’m more excited by the young women I got to see…read…see—you get it. Calypso and Thalia Grace take on more than just the recurring role in this book. And I don’t usually pick favorites, but I was beyond ecstatic that Thalia got a moment here. I love her! A daughter of Zeus turned hunter. Her interaction with Apollo back in Titan’s Curse is one that set me down the path of Thalia/Apollo. I really hope to see more interaction between the two of them in the future. It’s crazy. I know that. But damn it, don’t you know by now that I’m crazy? No? Well…Onward!

“Apollo’s hot,” said Thalia.

“He’s the sun god,” said Percy.

“That’s not what I meant,” replied Thalia.

(Thalia to Percy, Titan’s Curse)

heh…Just leaving this here…heh

There were also new characters! The group got to meet two women that used to be hunters but now reside in a special waystation-Hemithea and Josephine. Now these are only two of the new characters because it would be quite rude of me to not let you meet some of these folk for yourself. These two are freaking amazing. Nothing keeps them down or stands in their way. They are truly admirable and certainly phenomenal women that have such a powerful story about how they left behind their lives as hunters. Just like every woman that joins this series they’re no damsels. They’re heroes.


If you couldn’t tell from all of the babble, this was just as enjoyable as The Hidden Oracle was. I’m rooting for Apollo to get his head straight and rise to challenge of being mortal. To see him save the day as such is very impressive and shows great strength. Bring on the next book!

Wait…it’s not out yet? AWWWWW, MAAAAN!



“I volunteer for death!” (Apollo, p. 22)

Okay, I have to say, this made me burst out laughing, imagining the gag reel version of Hunger Games’s Katniss Everdeen.

“I often speak without the benefit of forethought. Usually it works out. Sometimes it leads to improvisational masterpieces, like the Renaissance of the Beat movement. I had to hope this would be one of those times.” (Apollo, p. 23)

“HITTEST ME WITH THY BEST SHOT” (Dodona arrow, p. 110)

I love that a magic arrow knows Pat Benatar. A gold star for the magic arrow!

“Nets can be traps. But they can also be safety nets. You just have to know when to jump in.” (Jo to Apollo, p.187)

“What was that? Buy one prophecy, get three free?” (Leo, p. 379)


The Burning Maze (The Trials of Apollo #3) comes out May 1st, 2018 and I can’t wait to read it.


More to come soon…



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There Once Was a God…Then He Fell into a Dumpster (The Hidden Oracle – A Book Review)

The Hidden Oracle (The Trials of Apollo #1)
Author: Rick Riordan
Published: 2016

HIdden Oracle

My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt

My name is Apollo. I used to be a god.

There’s nothing worse than getting punished for something that wasn’t your fault, kind of not your fault. Zeus casts the god of poetry, music, and prophecy down from Olympus as punishment. Apollo crawls out of a dumpster to discover he’s no longer a god. What’s worse? He’s a teenager named Lester Papadopoulos with acne and *shiver* flab! With the help of his savior and master (and yep, you heard that right, master), Meg McCaffrey, they go to Camp Half-Blood to seek safety. Turns out that the camp isn’t as safe as it used to be. Demigods are missing and all forms of communication are on the fritz, even the Oracles.

Everybody looks to the great, err, Apollo to fix all of these problems. The utterly mortal and powerless Apollo, who—as he points out—can die now. They can’t expect him to fix all of this? How can he? With an old adversary following him, Apollo and his new enslaver, Meg, go on a quest so they—mostly Meg—can save the camp.

I had a lot of fun with this book. I really needed a book to make me laugh and this did the trick. Having read the Percy Jackson series, I’ve always been curious to see a god be brought down to the mortal playing field. It really pushed the series to a whole new limit because it seemed so unthinkable that a god would be the next to go on a world saving quest. Apollo was the perfect choice to be the one turned mortal. His vain arrogance made for a fun, raucous adventure. I snaughled so many times at Apollo. His expectations versus reality was Kool-Aid nose-spray worthy.

While this new series is a part of the Percy Jackson realm, it doesn’t make you feel alienated whatsoever. You’re given information regarding the previous books of the Percy Jackson realm when you need it. The story was fast, going from instant to the next at the snap of your fingers, so it made for a quick read. One bit that I found to be amusing, yet a wonderful emphasis on this series being done from Apollo’s POV, are the haikus at the beginning of every chapter. They act as humorous, mini prophecies for the chapter. Almost like when you hit your funny bone. You hit it and it’s not funny, but other people find it hilarious.


What was really eye-catching was seeing some of the old characters I know from earlier in the series like Percy Jackson and Nico di Angelo. Bringing them into the story, even though it’s brief, was nice because it showed that this Greek world remains all interconnected. I love when a series remains as such. That way we don’t forget the past adventures. Seeing how their lives were fairing was delightful, as it showed time moving forward rather than standing still.

Apollo Trials

This series is a good time. With pop cultural references and a god that believes the solar system revolves around him, which I guess it did at one point, there is a story about redemption. The journey is nowhere near close to being finished. I’ve started the second book already and I can’t wait to tell you about it. Rick Riordan must be a scribe to the gods because he does a splendid job writing stories of mythical proportions with the fluidity of moon water.


“If I’m being honest, I have to confess something else: all gods fear death, even when we are not encased in mortal forms.” (Apollo, p. 62)

“Oh, why does college have to happen to perfectly good people?” (Apollo, p. 139)

“I was a dramatic god.” (Apollo, p. 201)

More to come soon…


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