Ever the Cursed (Shadowland – A Book Review)

Shadowland (The Immortals)
Author: Alyson Noel
Published: 2009

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My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull bolt


This book is third in the series: The Immortals which follows Ever Bloom and Damen Auguste, two teenagers who have struggled to be together over the centuries. They face constant obstacles that threaten their true love.

Shadowland leaves off shortly after Blue Moon. Ever and Damen have been cursed by Roman. And there’s nothing like a good curse to keep lovers apart.

They can never touch each other, not kiss or even a brush of fingers. Should they touch, Damen could die. Ever is determined to find a way to break the curse and has little regard for the rules of magick. She’ll break all of them if that means she and Damen can finally be together. But will she stop when it risks the life of her best friend?

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This was certainly the best one that I’ve read out of the series so far. I’m not sure if that says very much though. Ever is still full of assumptions about people and self-pity. Both qualities are nasty, but! There’s a but! She’s given a purpose in this installation I feel. She wants to save Damen from a curse that is technically her fault so there’s more than just her wallowing and unending longing.

Ever thinks she knows everything which only gets her into more trouble. It’s terribly frustrating. I’ve yelled at this book a couple of times. And you know the saying about assuming. She makes an ass of herself A LOT.

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The love between Ever Bloom and Damen Auguste is what I would describe as all consuming. And while that is something to behold, it is also utterly consuming. By that, I mean that is Ever points it out constantly. While eternal love is the subject of this series as well as the complications of being able to have it, I wish it hadn’t been so repetitive. There has to be more than just being told about this everlasting love right?

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(Love this guy by the way. He’s fantastic.)

Moving away from the everlasting love (much like the song that never ends even though you wish it did), I have to mention Ever’s friends. I have to mention them because while Ever deems them her best friends, they act like anything but. To them it appears like she’s a burden. Like she’s only good enough because of the house her aunt owns. It’s pointed out that she’s a freak over and over. They might as well join in as antagonists because the actual friend moments are so small you need a microscope for them. It’s tragic.

The story is fast paced with twists and turns that’ll certainly keep you reading even though you’ll be shaking your head, wondering how the heck Ever Bloom made it this far. On top of that I found myself wondering why three-fourths of the details in the book was listed off. Personally, I don’t feel like you can see everything better by reading off a list. It’s less natural. Less smooth.

More so, the story is all over the place. It feels like you make a sharp turn at fifty miles an hour when you shift from one problem the character faces to another one that she nearly forgot about.

While I do believe it’s the best one in the series, I still couldn’t get on board with this book though it did better in adding drama. The writing still felt stiff because it kept  telling me what was happening instead of showing me. There wasn’t a lot happening and the way the characters came across was deeply unappealing.


“And even though you prefer not to believe it, take it from someone who’s been there all along. Damen waits for no one. And he certainly never waited for you.” (Roman to Ever, p. 25)

“We always want what we can’t have. It’s human nature. We’re hardwired that way…” (Roman to Ever, p.80)

“I’ve already tried a life without you, when I went back in time, and guess what? Fate sent me right back!” (Ever to Damen, p.238)


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Losing Forever? (Blue Moon – A Book Review)

Blue Moon (The Immortals)
Author: Alyson Noel
Published: 2009

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My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull bolt


Ever and Damen are finally together. That is until Roman comes in, snuffing Damen out as the new kid. Ever doesn’t let his flirty ways get to her, not when it finally feels like everything going right in her life. Then strange things begin happening. Damen leaves her stranded when they were supposed to finally be together and then starts flirting with her enemy, Stacia. More than that and even more disturbing, he has aura suddenly. And the love he’s felt for Ever for over four centuries has turned to disgust. He’s losing his immortality.

Ever fights the clock to find out what has turned Damen against her and morphed the school into bizzaro-land. Discovering that she can save Damen from a terrible fate, Ever also discovers that she can have her family back. Ever has to decide if she’ll go to these lengths to save Damen. Is she willing to lose her true love to turn back the clock?


I found myself very intrigued by all of the properties of crystal magic that Alyson Noel added to this book. It’s very different from what I’ve in other books. Very spiritual. I just wish she would’ve taken the time to explain the properties and purposes that Ever used them for because I didn’t feel like Ever was mystified by it at all. Like in Evermore, I felt like it dismissed and rushed when they shouldn’t have been. But I found the deeper exploration of Summerland, that magical dimension that Damen showed Ever, to be a place of sheer imagination. It was gorgeous and rich, and I wouldn’t mind visiting the place myself.

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The pacing of the story was quick, moving in the blink of an eye, which is exactly how Ever perceived what happened in her life. It all changed so suddenly, which made this rollercoaster of dramatic life or death, emotional rollercoaster that much more interesting. I was racing against time just as Ever was.

I can’t say I was very interested in the narrative however. Ever had a way of repeating or overly describing as if the reader needed it. Honestly, I didn’t need constant recaps about how Ever knew Damen loved her and would never hurt her(<– only one example). It made me feel like she was trying to convince herself.

The storyline of this series is still my favorite. It’s breathtakingly haunting. Both chilling and beautiful. I’ve never come across anything like what Ever and Damen share in other books that I’ve read. It’s not every day that a guy will search for you generation after generation with determination that the two of you will be together. The sacrifices made by both of these characters for one another is chilling and beautiful. Definitely the works of true love.

Would I reread this? I’m not sure. There were certainly bits that I loved, but there were those that I didn’t. This was an iffy one for me.




“It’s like we’re always connected. And I have to admit that I like it that way. Because only with Damin can I be my true self—my thought-hearing, energy-sensing, spirit-seeing self. Only with Damen can I let my guard down and be the real me.” (Ever, p. 26)

“This sleek, new-millennium Damen is a strange to me. And as I look around this room once more, I wonder if it’s too late to save him.” (Ever, p 181)

“None of this should’ve happened. It’s unnatural, not right, and now it’s my job to put it all back.” (Ever, p. 203)


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Living Forever Isn’t Everything (Evermore – A Book Review)

Hello, my clan of bookworms! Hope all is well. Truly. Today I’m looking at Evermore by Alyson Noel.

Author: Alyson Noel
Published: 2009


My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull bolt


Spaz. Freakazoid. These are names that Ever Bloom has become accustomed to hearing from her classmates and even her friends. They’re not wrong. If they knew why she spaced out half the time or tuned out the world with music on high blast then they might understand. Might. After a near death experience and leaving everything behind that she’s always known, Ever hides under a hood, wishing she couldn’t hear people’s thoughts or see their auras or have them touch her, allowing everything about them to be known to her, even what they had for breakfast. Nobody wants to know these things.

Damen Auguste is the new kid of Laguna Beach and has all of the girls fawning over him, but he only has eyes for Ever. He’s always giving her red tulips and finding reasons to talk to her. There’s something off about him right from the get-go though. Unlike everybody else, he doesn’t have an aura. The more time she spends with him, the more she wonders if he knows about what she is capable of, but she can’t seem to stay away from him. He has secrets too and she’s determined to figure them out regardless of how drawn to him she is.

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Symbolism stuck out to me the most in this book. There was so much of it from the auras to the meaning of flowers to the status of the high school hierarchy, and I enjoy that every once in a while. I wish there had been a deeper meaning to bits of these parts however. I only felt like I was at the brim and that there should be more to the tidbits I did get.

The book holds so much originality. It’s not your typical love story. There are blockades keeping it from happening and the story behind it all makes it quite beautiful. That being said, I had trouble with the style in how it was written. It felt like there wasn’t enough said. Whenever I felt like I could’ve used more information, the character moved on with a simple “blah blah” and “this is hokey”. If you tell the reader it’s hokey then they can’t believe in the magic you’re trying to create. And it was so beautiful and fantastical. I just wished for more, kind of like Peter Pan when he calls out, “I do believe in fairies!”

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This book had me hitch of some parts, but the story itself truly was special. Like a dream of elegance and heartache and loss. The bits I did get caught on didn’t stop me from continuing the series. However, I can’t say I’ll return to it in the future.



For those of you just joining in reading my reviews and craziness, this is where I give you a couple of quotes that really stood out to me in the book and made an impact on me. I feel like they can help make a difference in whether you want to read a book because it doesn’t give the book away, but it doesn’t give a small piece of its heart.


“Before Damen came along, I’d resigned myself to a solitary fate. Not that I was thrilled with the idea of never having another boyfriend, of never getting close to another person again. But how can I date when touch feels so overbearing? How can I be in a relationship when I’ll always know what my partner  is thinking? Never getting the chance to obsess, dissect, and guess at the secret meaning of everything he says and does?” (Ever, p. 78)

“…Sinking down into a happier place. A world without memories. A home without loss. A life where I only see what I’m supposed to.” (Ever, p. 228)

“I hold on to that moment, cradling it in my mind, experiencing the feel, the scents, the sounds, the emotions, as though I’m right. Wanting this to be the last moment I see before I go, reliving the last time I was truly happy.” (Ever, p. 242)


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