Ninjas Not Included (Night of the Hidden Fang – A Book Review)

Night of the Hidden Fang
Author: T. James Logan
Published: 2018

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Night of the Hidden Fang


My rating: Full boltFull boltFull bolt


One teenage girl. One oncoming apocalypse.

Mia doesn’t get close to people, not when she and her family move around so much for her father’s job. But, when one of her friends, Nate, turns up grisly murdered, she vows to figure out what really happened to him.

Three boys, each thirteen and extremely naked pop up from the bushed of her house not long after and she can’t help wondering if they’re connected to her friend’s death. More so, she has an urge to take care of them, protect them. Being tossed in the middle of an oncoming war, Mia must protect her family without being served up on a dinner plate to some feral beast.

What she doesn’t know? She may be the key to saving the human race…


Soooooo, I totally thought there’d be ninjas somewhere in here. Alas, there was not. LOL. There were werewolves though! Still a big plus in my book. But, no ninjas. Nope. So, I’ve got some here:


LOL. Okay, but seriously…


Mia is a spunky character. Quick and sarcastic and takes no BS, though very guarded. But, when you move around as much as her, it’s understandable. You get afraid of getting close to people. But, she is tough, too, which I love in a female character. I really liked that she was culturally diverse with her heritages as well. Though, I will say it felt a little forced from time to time, I really liked seeing how she noticed the differences in Japanese culture.

NATE! *sobs* A character I fell in love with so quickly and lost just as fast. Goofy and very Star Wars centric, I wish there would’ve been more for him! I mean that in that his time was too short, but also that I didn’t get enough of his character. I wish there’d been flashbacks or something to express how special he was. The impact of losing him wasn’t very strong because of that, but I really wanted it to be.


The unique inclusion of werewolves was interesting. It wasn’t typical since it came across as a disease that could contracted. There are many lores on weres so it’s good to see a fresh take.



The book is quite wordy. It surprised me. And then there are times that it’s straight to the point, using the words we all know and can relate to. Because, when something sucks, it just sucks and there’s no better way to say than that and Mia says it perfectly when she encounters problem after problem that leaves her life altered forever.

There were times where I got lost in the action because I couldn’t read the emotions of the characters very well. It was just super tricky to track the characters from time to time. I just wished I could’ve gauged them more so that I could get totally immersed.

I also wish there was more on Sho, Mia’s brother. There are many mentions of him and the vagueness of what happened with him and how it affected everyone, but I felt unsatisfied. Here’s to hoping there’s more in the next book!


This book surprised by taking a classic lore and putting a scientific spin on it—werewolves are a disease. I liked that the setting took place in a unique place. It was just a small town in Nebraska, which really gave me a whole new world to imagine, especially since I’ve never been to Nebraska before. This was a book I enjoyed, though I did have a few hang-ups. Witty and gritty and a good one-two. A good, quick read.



“Desperate speed poured out of him. It was the first and the last time he ever ran for his life.” (Nate, p. 32)

“Some holes are so big, people can fall into them and never get out again.” (Mia to Sarah, p. 78)

“Relaxeth thee. Thou art looking at the King of Subtle.” (Dalton, p. 206)

“Never give all the heart.” (Mia, p. 306)


More to come soon…



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Midnight Tease

Midnight Tease - Giphy

Howdy, my awesome booknerds!

What are you doing up this late! Don’t you know it’s past your bedtime? Go to bed! Kidding!

But, you know what you can do? Read this Midnight Tease to see what’s coming up on my blog this month. Why? Well, it’s not like you’re sleeping right now, though if you’re like me, you know you should be. LOL.

I can’t believe it’s June. It makes me completely giddy. So much sun and more sun and some humidity on the side with even more sun. Just let me be a starfish. Grab a book and lay out in the sun.

I’m super excited about the books coming up! And I just realized that I say that almost eveyr month. But I really mean it this time. I have a couple of new releases up this month. And some Lemony Snicket.

Without further ado, this is the Midnight Tease…


Coming Soon…

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Lives of the Mayfair Witches
  • The Witching Hour
  • Lasher
Author: Anne Rice

Witching Hour                    Lasher


Author: Dean Koontz



How to Hang a Witch
Author: Adriana Mather

How to Hang A Witch


Wicked Lovely
Author: Melissa Marr

Wicked Lovely


Children of Blood and Bone
Author: Tomi Adeyemi

Children of Blood and Bone


The Apollo Trials: The Burning Maze
Author: Rick Riordan

Burning Maze



Unbreakable yes


From the Earth to the Moon & Around the Moon
Author: Jules Verne

From the Earth to the Moon

This book is super dense. Don’t judge me. 😉


The Flash: The Haunting of Barry Allen & The Green Arrow: A Generation of Vipers
Author: Clay Griffith & Susan Griffith

Flash Arrow


The Witching Hour
Author:Anne Rice
Witching Hour



Up for Review…

Up for Review


All the Wrong Questions 1-4
Author: Lemony Snicket



Summer of Fear
Author: Lois Duncan

Summer of Fear - SR


The Flash: The Haunting of Barry Allen
Author: Clay Griffith & Susan Griffith

The Flash



I’m also reading American Gods Vol. 1 of the graphic novel by Dark Horse. Letting out the sqeeeee!




That’s it, loves. The whole kit and caboodle. Hope the start of your summer is sunny and happy. I’ve had one hell of a thunderstorm and it was just beautiful. I have a strong attraction to lightning. It’s one of the most extraordinary part of nature. And if you’re asking, yes, I’d love to get struck one day. No, I’m not crazy. No, I don’t need therapy. It would just be terrifyingly amazing.

More to come soon…



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So Much For Normal… (Paranormalcy – A Book Review)

Author: Kiersten White
Published: 2010

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My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull bolt


I see things you can’t see.

I find things that hunt you.

I am your protector.

But even I can’t protect you now.

Evie works for the International Paranormal Containment Agency (IPCA) and her job is to bag and tag paranormals so that they don’t hurt humans. Easy enough. She’s been doing it since her time in the foster system. Her norm is being friends with a mermaid and having a faerie ex-boyfriend.

Life gets a little complicated after capturing an unknown shapeshifter named Lend while paranormals begin turning up dead. Thought told to ignore this case, she is determined to figure out what’s happening, especially since she’s having strange dreams. With Lend’s help she will find the one responsible for this, but what scares her is that she’s connected to it all.


So much diversity. YAY! There were so many different supernaturals across this book. Each of them were unique and incredible. There were even a couple I’d not heard of. One of my favorites things about this book was how the supernaturals didn’t feel like monsters, like they tend to in other supernatural novels. They were just like humans, trying to survive life. In some cases, it was really funny.

One thing I will say is, there is a decent amount of mention about the world’s elements that supernaturals belong to, but I wish I knew more about them. I wanted to know more about these elements and which supernaturals belonged to which.

Evie is whimsical and really reminds me of Elle Woods. Her and the trusty taser: Tasey were hard at work bringing in those feisty supernaturals. She really brings out the soap opera aspect of this book. She’s the butter of seeking the normal life. I was giggling at how ecstatic she was over the simple things, but only because there are a few simple things that get my eyes glittering, too.

Evie, Lend, and Reth—an unknown, shapeshifter, and a faerie. One intriguing and whimsical triangle. Evie’s romantic life is complicated and it shouldn’t be as a teenager. While getting stalked by her ex, Reth, she’s falling for Lend, one of her bag-and-tags. Lend is my favorite. I admire a sense of authority, like Reth has, that you can screw with, but Lend was a sweetheart unlike him. He’s manipulative and reckless with Evie. Freaking faeries…so damn mischievous! And granted, Lend’s guarded, but his heart is in the right place, caring for Evie. He’s the good guy and after all of the tough times that Evie’s been through, she deserves a good guy that treats her right, like this guy…


or this guy…



This book wasn’t all that for me. It was fun, but in regard to the story itself, I just wasn’t that interested. While I enjoyed the strive Evie had for a normal life, I didn’t get a strong feel for her emotions. Teens are whiney boogers, but they do have feelings and I just wasn’t getting those. There were a lot of areas that just didn’t feel quite finished. Again, this was fun, so don’t count that out, and there was a bit of tension. The plot twist wasn’t much of a twist, but I did think it was pretty cool! It just didn’t move me.



“Eyes like streams of melting snow…Cold with the things she doesn’t know.” (Evie to Lend, p. 109)

“What a lovely balance. Lend shows whatever he was the world to see and you see through whatever the world wants to show you.” (Cresseda to Evie, p. 215)


more to come soon…



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Shamanism and Undying Love (Bound to You – A Book Review)

Bound to You
Author: Christopher Pike
Published: 2012

On Goodreads

Bound to You

My Rating: Full boltFull bolt


In this book comes two stories of magical suspense.


Cindy is getting used to being Jason’s new girlfriend after his previous one was found horribly mutilated up in the mountains just weeks ago. She’s sure that he wasn’t involved, but there’s something off about him. She can’t put her finger on it. When another classmate is found dead in a similar way, she and foreign exchange student, Bala, are determined to figure out what is happening. When they discover what horrific thing could do something so grizzly, they wish they hadn’t.

See You Later

Mark is in love with Becky. Becky has a boyfriend that isn’t Mark. Kara is determined to get Mark and Becky together. Very determined. But why? This drives Mark to not give up on how he feels for Becky. How far will he go for the girl he loves?


Before I get started with this review I’d like to say I’m sorry for my lateness. Work has been really taking over. Also, one of my sisters have swung by for Spring Break. I do have a couple books up for review, so yay!


How to begin…Just get it out there. This book was not for me. Nope. Not even a little.

The setting was beautiful and so was the story plot. That goes for both stories. They seemed so great at first and I was really intrigued. I didn’t get past that feeling. There were just parts that didn’t make sense to me. Some parts were extremely abrupt, coming out of nowhere, jarring me and others that made no sense at all.

However, there were some really great moments, much like a shooting star. Brief, but amazing and beautiful. I just wish it had been continuous.

Spellbound: About shamanism and crazy animal spirit

See You Later: Time Travel

Out of the two, See You Later was my favorite. It was sweet and I liked the direction it was going. But that was about it. It was very meh. However, the twists in each of these books was pretty good. They weren’t the kind that made your eyeballs bulge from their sockets. They were smirk worthy because they sly plot twists. I dug’em.

Shrug II

What I couldn’t really handle was the way the story was being told. It felt very bland and I just couldn’t get interested. In some instances, what went on felt incredibly ridiculous to me and unrealistic, like it didn’t happen naturally. Because of that I couldn’t believe this book which led me to be unable to be sucked into it.

The characters didn’t even keep me interested. In fact, they made me annoyed. They were very bland without any really development. Completely one track. I get that these stories stack between middle school and high school, but still. I just felt like what was important wasn’t being focused on and vice versa. There just wasn’t any real feeling there. You know what I mean. I wasn’t moved by them. I like being swayed like branches in a breeze.



I can’t say that these did very much in the way of entertaining me. That could be different for other people. Many readers on Goodreads really enjoyed them, but I’m not one of them sadly. It just wasn’t for me. I needed more.



“Seven weeks ago today, on August 2nd, seventeen-year-old Karen Holly died. The circumstance surrounding her death as reported by Jason Whitfield, her boyfriend at the time, are as follows…” (Spellbound, p. 6)

“My tribe is sunk in superstition. I have rebelled against it my entire life.” (Spellbound, Bala to Cindy, p. 44)

“You should be the hunter, not the hunted.” (Spellbound, Joni to Alex, p. 67)

“On my eight birthday, I asked my grandfather how big the world was. When you are small, he said, it is huge. But when you are a master of nature, it is like a ball you can hold in your hand.” (Spellbound, Bala to Cindy, p. 248)

“I’m such a liar. I lie to myself constantly. The truth is I didn’t know what I wanted beck then, But when I saw her, I began to get an inkling.” (See You Later, Mark, p. 257)

“It seemed the most important decisions I made were the ones where I decided to do nothing.” (See You Later, Mark, p. 320)


More to come soon…



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Late Night Sessions Guest Starring a Cult (Bad to the Bone – Book Review)

Bad to the Bone (WVMP #2)
Author: Jeri Smith-Ready
Published: 2009

on Goodreads

Bad to the Bone

My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt


Turn on. Tune in. Drop dead.

WVMP, The Lifeblood of Rock ‘n’ Roll, the station to listen to for all of your music needs. From the blues to hard rock to reggae, listen to the music, stay for the vampires. Yes, that’s right. The DJs are vampires (for real) and each of them gives their life story to the job. Tune in when the sun goes down and get obsessed with these hot, forever young, DJS as they take you for a spin all the way ‘til morning.

Life is going well for Ciara Griffin. She has a good job at a radio station, keeping rating up and her DJs in the spotlight. The show’s ratings are through the rood thanks to her/ She’s well on her way to her business degree in college. Only a year or two to go. She has an amazing boyfriend, that works one of the shows at WVMP, and who is also a vampire. So what could possibly go wrong when everything’s finally going right in this ex-con artist’s life?

During a promotional Halloween party for WVMP, a cult takes over the radio station. It grows worse as establishments are vandalized and people that Ciara holds dear to her heart are hurt. She’ll go deep under cover, deeper than she’s ever been, to help and protect her friends. After dealing with a psychopath vampire out for revenge, this should be a piece of cake, right? Hoping to make it through Christmas and on to New Year’s, she’ll have up her game, and maybe do it with the help of a few friends.

Rock ‘n’ roll will never die. Just like vampires.


Wicked Game (WVMP #1) review here.


The storytelling is still on point! Fast, passionate, and on the edge! How descriptive the book was really sucked me in, and I couldn’t put the book down. Ciara isn’t used to settling into a life, so it’s fresh to see how unsettled and nervous she is that it’s happening for her. It’s so very relatable as well.

The way that Smith-Ready writes is both blunt and enchanting. I was really taken with how something horrifying could be flipped into one of the most moving moments. It was amazing. So much development between Ciara and Shane, though I have to say. MVV: Most Valuable Vampire, went to baby-vamp Travis. He’s grown the most in my opinion, which is funny since vampires get frozen in the timezone they were turned in.

This cult really reminded me of True Blood with its crazy Light of Day Institute, and they were just as nasty as those people too. It was disturbing. Cringe-worthy from what these creeps did. Just Ick.

Bad to the Bone

There were new characters and the return of some old ones. Ned, a cultist from the previous book returns with a much bigger story, and I’d like to say he recovered and became a good guy, but he didn’t. Nope. And I wish I was surprised. What I was surprised at was the newest character additions. Most particularly, Dexter, the dog that Ciara rescues.  Dexter isn’t your ordinary pupper either. He’s, uhhh, special. A vampire dog. Crazy right?! I know throughout the whole book I’m thinking about that fluff ball from Blade III and Dexter the serial killer all rolled into one, and that’s not even what the dog is like. This doggo is a lazy lover, not a fighter, unless Ciara is threatened. Then it gets ugly.

Bad to the Bone

Plot twist time! And there were a few! I was rereading few parts because my eyes were ballooning out of my head and I was laughing hysterically. This book was a lot of fun. Smith-Ready was really breaking all of the boundaries and I LOVE IT! At some parts I was sad and others I was shocked.


This book was yet another fun read. Lots of blood, twists, and good music (the sex is good too). The story is non-stop crazy. Looking for good music and a steamy good time? Read this. Because sometimes, you just want to have fun.



“Dogs are a lot of things, but they’re not con artists.” (Ciara to David, p. 36)

“There’s nothing more basic to life than blood. Losing it, giving it—that’s a sacred act.” (Jeremy to Ciara, p. 138)

“I’ve stumbled into the Ku Klux Klan of vampirehood.” (Ciara, p. 179)

“They say there are no atheists in foxholes, that when desperate to save one’s own butt from death or dismemberment, each of us will call on a higher power to intervene. I tried, I really tried. But then, apparently, I fell asleep.” (Ciara, p. 299)

“Loyalty is such a quaint concept.” (Ciara’s Dad to Ciara, p. 371)

“I’ve always believed in now, and that’s always been good enough. But for the first time, tonight, I believe in what come after.” (Ciara, p. 402)


More to come soon…



P.S. Song today? American Idiot by Green Day.


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Supernatural Hands On Learning (Shadow Falls: Reborn – A Book Review)

Reborn (Shadow Falls: After Dark #1)
Author: C.C. Hunter
Published: 2014

On Goodreads


My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull bolt

Vampires, chameleons, and witches, oh my! With a side of ghosts.

Della Tsang. Spunky. Flighty. And, a badass vampire.  At Shadow Falls, a private school for the supernaturally impaired, she learns how to control her powers. Though you’re not really impaired if you have kick-ass powers, are you? Didn’t think so.

Della and newcomer, Chase, come across two dead bodies in Shadow Falls. Della’s determined to find out who and what killed these innocent people and she’ll break all the rules to do it. This isn’t the only problem on Della’s plate however. Her cousin Chan is missing, her Dad has a twin that he’s never talked about, and her romantic life has taken a downward nosedive. With everything stressing her out, she’s also being haunted.

Della struggles to achieve her dreams and find some normalcy, but it just isn’t happening. In her gut, something dreadful is on the horizon and her life is on the line.

Della Tsang is spunky and driven and FULL of sass. I mean to the brim, bookworms. She is all work and barely any play as she works to solve several mysteries that are circling around her. She’s not alone. With her two best friends, two camp counselors, and an on-again-off-again shapeshifter with a deep, sexy southern drawl, Della is going to find out what is going on with all of the crazy in Shadow Falls. That’s not to say she won’t stir up a little trouble of her own along the way, of course.


One of the elements of the book that really drew my attention was the the Supernaturals. Supernatural rules go out the window here. The traditional rules we all know and live by like the three laws of physics are tossed out the window. For example:

  • Vampires can go out in the sunlight.
  • Vampires have a heartbeat.
  • Vampires can fly (which, okay, is one of the oldest tricks that an original vampire can do, but it was strange to see).

These are only a couple of the different traits that caught me off guard, and this is only with vampires. Vampirism is considered a virus in this world and is called V1. There are shapeshifters, chameleons, fae, and so many more races of supernatural in the book. It’s really different than what I know and that’s not a bad thing. It’s just tricky to understand and treat like it’s common knowledge. Kudos to Hunter for being incredibly unique and diverse!  She did phenomenal with being sure to detail each supernatural’s powers.


Hunter did an amazing job in juggling multiple plots, too. There’s more than one thing happening for Della in this book, so the focus splits up quite a bit, but it’s so well done. Never once was I confused when one issue transitioned to a completely different one. Each time it was smooth and done with ease, like nacho cheese.

Just like there were so many different things happening from a haunting to solving the death of two humans, there were several characters involved. Kylie (chameleon) and Miranda (witch) are Della’s best friends and then there’s Steve, the hot shapeshifter and Chase the new vamp on campus. I may have mentioned this a little already. There are many others. I haven’t seen this many characters in a book in a long time. Della’s surrounded by so much family and people that care about her. Granted, she’s pigheaded, stubborn, and feisty as all hell, but she’s caring, loving, and determined to get her dreams to come true. Very similar to Damon Salvator of The Vampire Diaries if I’m being honest. I can relate to these qualities a tad. It’s why I got such a good laugh throughout the story. Some of her worries were so ordinary and relatable. I will say this on a side-note, Della had times when she acted like a petulant little child and I wanted to smack her silly for it.


Shadow Falls was beautiful. Very misty and green and lush. The grounds of the school were very open. This private school isn’t set up like normal ones. Students get their own cabins. The cafeteria is separate from the main school building, or so I guess. The main school building is its own operation. Everything is so very open. I really liked it. It gives a sense of freedom to these students.

There were times that certain topics were drilled into the ground to the point of no return. Not good. There is a limit to how much a topic should get drilled in. It was run over and over to the point of aggravation for me. Della would go word for word with her arguments and thoughts as if it was the only thing she could think up, which sucks. She seems pretty smart. And, the word, chauvinist, is her favorite word. I figure it out pretty quick when she said it about ten different times….

I skimmed over such strong and repetitive parts because they were the same nearly every time.  Not one bit was reflective or even changed up.

More so, I wasn’t very surprised very much by the events that unfolded. The build-up was great, but they fell flat because of how much they were drawn out. I was just left with a feeling of meh.

Would I recommend this? It’s not a terrible book. It’s fun and fast paced. Della is a quick-witted girl and strong to handle everything that gets thrown her way. However, this wasn’t very memorable. It’s book 1 in a series and I don’t know if I want to read the other ones.


“I don’t fit in here. But I didn’t fit in at home, either.” (Jenny to Della, p. 71)

You have to counter the bad with the good. If not, you’ll get lost in the evilness of it all. It can darken your soul and you’ll lose all joy in life.” (Holiday to Della, p. 102)

“Boobs, smiles, and ghosts…” (Della, p. 110)

More to come soon…


P.S. Song today? Miss Independent by Kelly Clarkson

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Forever Until There’s Nothing Left (Wither – A Book Review)

Wither (Book #1 of The Chemical Garden Trilogy)
Author: Lauren DeStefano
Published: 2011


My Rating:Full boltFull boltFull boltFull boltHalf bolt



What if you knew exactly when you would die?

Because of a deadly virus, women die at the young age of twenty and men at twenty-five. It’s not unheard of that girls are kidnapped right off the sidewalk by Gatherers to be sold and married off to wealthy men, but Rhine never expected it to happen to her. Then suddenly she and two other girls are married off to the rich Governor Linden Ashby and she’s brought into a life of lavish and exquisite slavery. She can have anything she desires, but Rhine is determined to escape by any means necessary so she can get back to her twin brother, Rowan.

“This is my story. These things are my past, and I will not allow them to be washed away, I will find a way to have them back.” (Rhine, p. 22)


This book marks 3 out of 25 authors, from my New Year’s resolution, that I’ve never read from before. This was Lauren DeStefano’s debut novel I was instantly drawn in because of how dark and twisted the world she created is.


Rhine Ellery’s life of survival turns into one of privilege and wealth overnight. She doesn’t want to be in this beautiful mansion and she certainly doesn’t want to be getting married, not at sixteen and not when she’s only got four years before the deadly virus takes her. She wants to be with her brother, Rowan. Now, she’s locked up like a princess in a tower. To get free she’ll have to act like she cares for her husband, Linden, though he genuinely loves her. One of the attendants, Gabriel, helps her with her goal and as she grows closer to them and her sister wives, she starts wondering what’s an act and what’s not. Can she escape? Is she sure she truly wants to?


Holy shit. This book was pretty good. This is a story’s structure is ruled mostly by its imagery and let me tell you, it was powerful. Everything from the buttons on someone’s shirt to bubbles in the bath to what Rhine eats for lunch is so vivid and colorful. DeStefano really sucked me into this world with all of this up close imagery. I was disturbed and horrified as I read further because this rich world became dark and twisted right quick. A place that nobody is safe in. The plot just thickens and thickens each time Rhine discovers a secret. My stomach just kept churning because of the development of the story. It wasn’t terrible! Not at all! But, a lot of what went on in this mansion was pretty messed up. There was no real love in it. This is a story of sheer survival. Later on down the road could there be feelings? Totally possible.

Rhine is such a strong and smart character. Nothing breaks her stride. While she wants to protect those she cares about, she also stands up for what she believes in and never allows herself to get close people if she can help it. I was actually very surprised with the male characters. Both Gabriel and Linden. They were the damsels; both of them were brought up with silver spoons in their mouths, believing this rich life was okay and never knowing what was underneath.  It was strange because I’ve never come across something like this. And when I say damsel, I mean damsel. They were weak minded, though had strong, kind, and loving hearts. The villain of this book was so creepy! He was nice; the kind of nice you can see right through like saran wrap and see the smart, cunning man who is capable of doing anything without remorse. It was deeply unsettling. All in all, I was greatly surprised by all of the dynamics of the characters. This is certainly a bunch I’ve never seen before. It really made this a fun read.

I have to say, the story being told from Rhine’s POV does get repetitive, but in this case there is the exception. Yes! One does exist. It isn’t DeStefano, it’s Rhine that’s repetitive. She’s clinging on to her life, reminding herself of who she is so that she doesn’t forget. She pushes herself harder because of all she’s lost. It didn’t drive away from this book, but made me even more impressed with Rhine and how strong she is. She doesn’t give up. And the pressure she is under from everything around her and inside of her increases the further the book goes. You really don’t realize the value of the small or large things until your life is put on a time limit. Then every little bit matters. You have to make it last for all it’s worth. This was a primary thought of mine as I read. She holds onto everything.


I must give praise to the cover art of this book as well. I usually don’t gush over cover art, but I can’t help it. The artwork really blends well with the story with its elegant and eerie touch to beauty. It’s quite haunting and give glimpse of what this world that Rhine’s been pulled into looks like. The geometric lines and magnified/cleared imaging over the wild and steampunk elegance reminded me of the periodic table ; element squares connecting to others. And the title itself is so subtle in reference to not only what the virus does, but what this forced life of luxury does.


This is a great book. Very different and totally unique. I usually don’t go with the elegant frilly kind of story, but this was seriously dark. I was completely enthralled with this biological, futuristic novel. It’s worth a read.



“I do not want to stand out. I do not want to stand out.” (Rhine, p.3)

 “I’ll tell you something about true love. There’s no science to it. It’s natural as the sky.” (Dad to Rhine and Rowan, p. 119)

“Make that boy happy and he’ll give you the world on a string.” (Vaughn to Rhine, p. 228)


More to come soon…



P.S. Song today? Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy.


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