Is A Life Worth More Than a Book? (Smoke and Iron – A book Review)

Smoke and Iron (The Great Library #4)
Author: Rachel Caine
Published: July, 2018 (ARC)

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Smoke and Iron

My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt


Knowledge is all!

Jess Brightwell and his friends are spread out across land and sea and must play a deadly game of spies and espionage. Shaky allies and betrayal threaten their rebellion against The Great Library. Each will have to be strong and take care not to take a step in the wrong direction or it could cost them their life.

The resistance continues to grow as Archivist of The Great Library begins to lose his grip. In his panic, he unleashes a weapon that can destroy cities. Something that Jess has seen before. With his friends, they will fight to take it down and finally save The Great Library.


I won this ARC on Goodreads. I received is a proofread copy, so the quotes that I supply could change. My feelings on the book, not at all. Onward, booknerd.

You can find the reviews for the previous books in the series here:


Ink and Bone

Ink and Bonehere


Paper and Fire

Paper and Ashhere


Ash and Quill - Goodreads

Ash and Quillhere


This series just gets better with each book. I’m serious! I’ve said it more than once and I’ll say it again. This book is unlike anything I’ve ever read. It’s smart, strategic, and fantastically worded. Every bit is so thought out and you don’t find that very often. It’s not unheard, but this take is to new lengths.

The rebellion is on! I’ve been WAITING for this! Wooo! This whole journey has led up to this and I was on the edge. When I read, most of the time I’ll pace. People ask me how I do it, but it’s just about the only way I get some serious focus. This time around, I was burning a trail into the floor from pacing so much. Haven’t done that since February when I read The Dark Calling (Book 5 of The Arcana Chronicles) by Kresley Cole. This was amazing!

There was a return of many incredible characters. The ballsy soldier, Troll, fearless smuggler Anit, and the tender-hearted assistant Neksa. Seeing these characters again is one of the most exciting things, especially since this war for The Library has officially begun. Everybody is picking their sides and all hell breaks loose.

Smoke and Iron

Emotions were bouncing everywhere. With the characters apart for a while during the book I was really nervous. Everything was balancing on a pin and one slip and it could all fall apart. Now, more than ever, you’re taken deep into their thoughts and emotions. I was crumbling apart right along with them. Pretty powerful writing and overwhelmingly captivating.

As far as surprises and heart wrenching shockers, this book surpassed all of them. There were losses and revelations that I wasn’t expecting. Some regarding the relationships of these characters I’ve grown WAY too attached to and am not willing to give up. Dario and Khalila’s relationship takes a sharp turn as does Jess and Morgan’s relationship. For one, I squeeed with complete joy, but for the other I whimpered. To find out more definitely read the book because that’s all your getting from that. LOL.

So, I weeped and squealed and gasped. A lot of noises.

Buffy - Once More with Extreme Prejudice

One of the biggest differences form the previous books was that this one split up into parts, following the characters while they were on their separate journeys. It was actually pretty great. This wasn’t just from Jess’s POV, but from Khalila’s, Wolfe’s, and Morgan’s. Each of their perspectives was incredible.

If you’ve kept up with my previous reviews, you know that there hasn’t been much I could say about each. The insight to how they saw this rebellion and their feelings toward their friends was just phenomenal because I’ve always wondered. Khalila is strong and brave, never letting anyone challenge her beliefs or ability to fight for them. Wolfe comes across as cold and unfeeling, but that’s not the case at all. It’s just about the opposite. Morgan’s precisely as Jess views her. Determined and will sacrifice everything for those she cares about. This was one of my favorite things about the book. I loved the insight. It was powerful and truly made the story that much better.


So, I’ve gabbed on longer than I planned. My bad, but not really, I could talk forever, though eventually I’d be spoilery. Don’t want that.


Now, as you noticed the book doesn’t get released until July. I’m so grateful to be able to read this advanced copy. As you know—well at this point I’d hope you’d know after the last few reviews—Rachel is one one my favorite series authors. She can really create a world beyond belief. I am always sucked into her books. This series hasn’t disappointed me once.



“We are in this to the end now.” (Khalila, p. 68)

“We’ve opened the gates of hell, you know. And what comes out now is our fault.” (Glain to Khalila, p. 195)

“There is a rot at the heart of what we love. It is not the knowledge or the preservation of it. It is the notion that only we can decide what is worthy, what is not, what is progress, and whether or not it should proceed.” (Khalila, p. 203)


More to come soon…



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I See Green Fire (Ash and Quill – A Book Review)

Ash and Quill (The Great Library #3)
Author: Rachel Caine
Published: 2017

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Ash and Quill - Goodreads

My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt


Words can kill.

Officially exiles of The Great Library and of Alexandria, Jess Brightwell and his friends are in the burner capital of the world, America. Philadelphia to be specific. With walls all around them and more enemies that would rather see books burn rather than save them, the group has to find a way to freedom before being burned with them. But once free, what then?

They have one move they can make. One bargaining chip. The special machine that resulted in Thomas’s imprisonment.

The Great Library is moving in to take out all that stand against it, especially Jess and his friends. Before it can, Jess realizes that he’ll have to turn to unlikely allies. In turn, he and his friends will have to work together as one if they hope to do what nobody has ever done. Take The Great Library.


Everything has shifted! The game hasn’t changed, but the board has shifted!

Out of The Library and right into burner central. Land of the free *cough* book burner *cough*.

Now, if you’ve been reading this series then you know where we’re at. If not, here are the previous reviews. They’re not utterly spoilery, so don’t worry.


Ink and Bone

Ink and Bonehere


Paper and Fire

Paper and Firehere


After getting free of The Library, Jess and crew land in a new pot of boiling water-Philadelphia, burner central. Basically from the pot to the kettle and I was wondering which was worse. Though to be honest they were both really bad!

After everything, the despair and agony of what each character’s been through it at its peak. I keep thinking, it can’t get any worse. They’ve all been through so much. Rachel doesn’t protect her characters though. There’s no special shell that shields them from pain. She just makes it hurt so good and my faith in Jess, Thomas, Glain, Khalila and yes, even Dario, Wolfe and Santi just grows. The strength of each of these characters took my breath away! They protect one another without hesitation. Now, more than before, unsure of who to trust, their lives are at risk and so are the lives of those they care about.

Ash and Quill

The new antagonist, Beck, leader of the burners is one man you don’t want to mess with. While Philadelphia is, by all appearances, a fallen city, he defends it and has no regard for outsiders aka Jess and crew. The rebellion he runs, Jess figures out, isn’t a rebellion at all. My bones shook. More than anything I really just wanted my precious babies to be okay.

One thing I’ve noticed as I’ve read this series is that its slow build-up, and I’ve never been more enthralled by it. It’s not boring and dragging at all. It’s enticing! Seriously nail-biting. I was anxious, and could barely breathe as I read. I couldn’t put the book down! Rachel really pulls you along with her magnificent attention to detail. From the beginning, this is a series that makes you think. There’s action, but it’s balance so well with strategy and to see that so well thought out really blew me away. These characters, even the bad guys, are wickedly smart.

Ash and Quill

(And, I’m not going to lie. I picture Tom Ellis as Beck. He so wicked, yet you could almost trust him.)

Just like the last book really had a focus on the automata, this one had a mild focus on quintessence—what gives and Obscurist power/energy–and the POV of the burners. (I could give a super long explanation on what an Obscurist is, but this is a review. To find out, definitely read the books.) It was fascinating, especially because I wanted to know more about what helped keep the Library spinning on its metaphorical axis. It’s like science and magic slammed together creating stunning results. Learning about tidbits like these, in this world, has been so subtle. You learn things as you go, when it’s important. No info overload! But seriously, freaking gorgeous work. You just get sucked in more and more. This has taken me from being shin deep to waist deep.

The shocking twists and turns still railed me. Just when I did think there’d be anything else to surprise me, Dario came out with a shocking twist about his family! He and Jess really came together and I was barely handling it. And the ending! I can’t tell you what happened because that would make me a spoiler, but it knocked the breath out of me. I do have one word though. I’m pretty sure I can give that. Maybe even two or three.





Okay, four words. But…just wow.


Since starting this series I’ve only become more and more invested. The chapters are nice and long. There’s a special Ephimera at the end of them that’ll connect you even more with this world, make you a part of it. It’s beautiful and dark. This was such a great addition to the series. I need more!



“When all the world is a lock, boy, you don’t make a key. You become a key.” (Callum to Jess, p. 25)

“It was the start of something. And the end of something else. And in that moment, he couldn’t find the thread of what was right, or wrong, in any of it.” (Jess, p. 147)

“Some battles you have to fight face-to-face. Not in a back alley.” (Santi, p. 263)


More to come soon…



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Words Burning Your Soul (Paper and Fire – A Book Review)

Paper and Fire (The Great Library #2)
Author: Rachel Caine
Published: 2016

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Paper and Fire

My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt

Let the world burn.

Jess Brightwell survived training that allowed him to join the sinister, yet seductive world of the Great Library. Still, the lives of him and his friends have been changed forever after losing a few of their friends along the way. Now serving in the Library’s army, the life Jess envisioned isn’t what he thought. Exhausting and still dangerous.

After discovering that one of their friends may not actually be dead, Jess gathers his friends together for a rescue mission. It’s not long before the group is being hunted by the Library’s automata and flee Alexandria to London.

London isn’t safe anymore either as it is on the verge of being taken over by the Welsh. As it burns, Jess will have to choose between family and friends. His mission or his duty. After so much sacrifice already, this may be one of the hardest decisions of his life while the Library will sacrifice anything to keep its secrets…

Ink and Bone

Ink and Bonehere

Let’s queue up the excited rambling and uncontainable squeeeing about this book! The danger and adventure has only gotten more intense, amazing, and stunning! I’m in awe of this non-stop action. These characters just keep punching me in the heart.

Where to start…AH! I really loved seeing how far these characters have come. Jess, Thomas, Glain. Khalila, Dario, and Morgan have just sprouted into phenomenal people. While time has passed they show such strong teamwork and faith in one another. I’m completely swept away. There’s no doubt or second guessing. It’s all for one and one for all!

Everything has changed! School is out and they’re officially in the Library’s hands. After everything that’s already happened: the losses and tribulations, I was a bouncing ball of distress.The shocking twists spun me and shook me, especially the ending! Gotta love when a book can do that to you. The group only delves deeper into trouble, but I love it because they’re doing it for their friend, Thomas. By the way, I’m beyond ecstatic that he’s alive. I had a panic attack there for a second.

I'm fine

And there’s a bonus! More Brendan! Jess’s twin. Which I was totally hoping for. There was nothing more than a glimpse of him in Ink and Bone. I was so intrigued by his character and yearning to really how different the two were. And it was great to get to know Jess more through him. More so—and secretly—I really ship him with Glain, the bombastic Welsh girl that takes no crap. They’re both incredibly spunky and rough.

shipping it

Like I said, amazing development. All the way around from people to places to events. It’s all skyrocketed, proving that the first book is all jus the tip of the iceberg. These guys aren’t the same as they were at the start of all this. They hold no regrets as they’re plunging into dangers unknown for each other. The Library seeking to destroy them before they complete their mission to save Thomas truly makes their bonds unbreakable. Even for Jess and Dario who ‘hate’ each other are tight. It’s that faith in humanity that can really pull me into a book.

The emotions of these characters whiplashed me. Blood rushing and breath holding, I was a bit of a wreck because Jess was a wreck! Jess needs to stop being a wreck! Seriously. Ow, my heart!

I didn’t mention it before, I’m also incredibly in love with how diverse Rachel has made these characters. Their cultures and faiths. They all come from somewhere far away, yet come together as family. It’s left me in utter awe of how what makes them different doesn’t cause any rifts. If only the real world was like this! Working together and finding friendship.

While there is so much danger and I’m left constantly thinking somebody is going to die, which let me tell you, could be anyone because Rachel does not hold back on that. Nobody is safe. ANYWAY, while there is danger, there’s a deeper look at automata. They’re super cool machines, though completely deadly. So sleek and life-like that you could barely tell that they’re machines that want to rip your throat out. They act as weapons and supposedly protectors, but their inner workings are explored more and it was so exciting.

Well, I warned you. Excitable, excessive rambling.

I can’t find a single part of this book that left me disappointed. Not a one. Each page was full and spectacular and vividly detailed. There was so much and I couldn’t get enough. Such a success. Smart and engaging and ON FIRE! Definitely recommended by moi.


“They tell me suffering builds character.” (Jess to Khalila, p. 74)

“We’re just paper on a shelf, in the end.” (Jess, p. 82)

“You’ve gone soft here in the heart of luxury. You’ve forgotten that everything has a cost.” (Brendan to Jess, p. 124)

“I’ve never been through what you have, but I’ve been in the dark a few times. Sometimes the light’s just too bright.” (Jess to Thomas, p. 238)

“Taking someone’s will, someone’s freedom…it kills the heart and then the soul.” (Thomas to Jess, p. 285)

More to come soon…


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It’s In Your Bones…(Ink and Bone – A Book Review)

Ink and Bone (The Great Library #1)
Author: Rachel Caine
Published: 2015

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Ink and Bone

My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt

Knowledge is power.

Imagine the Great Library of Alexandria never having crumbled. Still standing, the library has spread to every corner of the world in major cities, using its knowledge as a source of power. Using it to govern what people are and aren’t allowed to know. Owning real books is forbidden. The consequences are dire.

Jess Brightwell, son of an infamous book smuggler, is sent to the Library to train in the Library’s services, but more importantly to spy and steal valuable books for the family business. His loyalties to his family and beliefs in the Library are tested greatly as he comes to discover that the Library isn’t what he imagined. When his friend, Thomas, creates a machine that does the unthinkable, does something that could change everything they know about the Library, that could change the future, everyone is thrust into danger. The way of The Great Library—books above life—begins to tremble. It’s only the beginning…

I am so EXCITED to finally get to this series!!!! To be fair, I’ve got a super long queue of books and it took longer than expected to get to The Great Library, but still. EXCITEMENT!!! LOADS OF IT! I love LOVE Rachel Caine’s work. At some point, I plan to get the Weather Warden series and to reread Morganville Vampires (again).

Onward and upward now.

Imagine how different the world would be if one of its greatest structures and base of knowledge survived? The Great Library of Alexandria did just that in this series. Much more twisted than I ever imagined, this series is bringing to life something I’ve always wondered about. What if books were truly seen for the power they have? The knowledge in them holds keys to not only the past but to help push the world into the future. It’s crazy. Ink and Bone is only the beginning of approaching the dark side of knowledge. Who can have it and who can’t. How dangerous it is and how it can take your life. Obviously, I’m mesmerized.

Ink and Bone

It was a slow start because I was getting used to this world that felt like so much like one I already livein, yet not at all. Books are illegal. LIKE WHAT!? If that’s the case I’d be just like Jess, smuggling them, loving them, having that ink tattooed into my bones, metaphorically of course. My love for books runs so deep so really I related to his character. He’s strong, smart, and more than that, he cares. He cares about people, about books, about his beliefs. That alone makes him magnificent because as a smuggler in a smuggler family it’s out of the ordinary and unexpected.

Ink and Bone

There is so much in this world that captured me in a bubble of wonder. The combination of modernism and ancientism (I made that word up, so what?) for one. Technology blends with beautiful stone architecture from Egypt, Greece, Alexandria. That same architecture grew in other parts of the world. It’s as if history wasn’t forgotten or preserved, but kept in working order, unchanging. I’m not doing justice by this, but truly, it’s splendid and breathtaking. But then again, I also have a very strong love for the ancient architecture of such times. Stone masonry like this has been long dead and preserved as nothing more than worldly museum pieces since metal became the staple architecture. *queue sad face*

As for the technology, it’s crazy. From books to bracelets. Statues meld with robotics, but they still hold the grace and fluidity that they appear to be alive. Be careful though. They could kill you if you’re carrying a book.

Ink and Bone

The story moved at a great pace and there wasn’t a bit left out that I felt compelled to question. Details I never imagined or thought about were explored with great depth. There was no rush. And the biggest element in this book is secrets. Secrets of the Library. Jess’s family secret. Thomas’s secret. Morgan’s secret. EVERYBODY HAS SECRETS! And they only dragged me in deeper because I want to know them. Just amazing writing.

The tone and imagery completely engulfed me. It was all so incredible. It was vivid and real in my mind, but not over the top to the point that it seemed incredibly fake. I felt like I could recognize a lot the places mentioned, even Alexandria, and yet, they were all different, askew. The world we know is tilted into a different world of ‘what if’. Fantastical and complete wonder. I know, I’ve said that more than once already.

When it comes to expectations, all of mine were dashed-in a good way. Sometimes you can predict what’s coming when you read, but I couldn’t. Things of which I cannot say happened, and that left me gaping and stunned in complete disbelief. My emotions were rocked and more than once. There were twists that I didn’t see coming at all. The life-threatening dangers chasing Jess and his friends: Thomas, Morgan, Khalila, Danton, Portero, Glain, and Dario, were unrelenting and the crazy thing? This is only the start! They are only scraping the surface of something much bigger.

So I did that rambling thing. I told you my geeking excitement was uncontrollable. I just can’t help myself.

I don’t say all of this just because Caine is one of my utmost favorite series authors. I mean, she’s right up there with Lemony Snicket and Kresley Cole for me and that’s pretty high. I get all Squeeeee and everything. My mum thinks I’m a spasm when I read her books. I have so much to say because she is phenomenal. She’s encompassed a world that I’ve only dreamt of before and I have thought about what it would be like if libraries had a stronger presence in the world. Granted, this is a dark direction and the ending was pretty shocking. I was in denial until I started the next book. Also, let me add that I wasn’t so sure about this series when I started it, but as I read and sunk deeper into it, I couldn’t put it down. This is a subject is so special and it really touched an important part of me. This is definitely a series I recommend, especially if you’re as much of a booklover as me and you love libraries and if you’d do anything to protect books.



“You’re clever, Jess, but Da’s wrong about one thing; you don’t just have ink in your blood. It’s in your bones. Your skeleton’s black with it.” (Brendan to Jess, p. 32)

“Don’t play to your strengths. Strengthen your weaknesses.” (Jess to Khalila, p. 85)

“Not all knowledge is books.” (Jess to Portero, p. 95)

“The books come first, sir. Isn’t that how is should be? Books before men?” (Portero to Scholar Wolfe, p. 204)

“Kisses could lie as well as words.” (Jess, p. 259)

“The Library isn’t a person. It doesn’t have a conscience, or a heart or a soul. It does what it has to do to survive!” (Morgan to Jess. p. 294)

More to come soon…


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Midnight Tease

Midnight Tease - Giphy

Hello hello, bookworms!!

It’s May, Justin Timberlake’s favorite month of the year, though I saw this and couldn’t stop laughing.


Also, I went and saw The Avengers: Infinity War. Don’t worry, you’ll get no spoilers from me. That’d be incredibly rude of me. The movie was EPIC and PHENOMENAL. Totally riveting from start to finish. My heart hasn’t beat that hard during a movie in a while. I think since Deepwater Horizon, which is also a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Now, I’m a DC Comics girl through and through (don’t you judge me), but I love Guardians of the Galaxy, so I went to see it. Worth watching. There’s a reason it made hundreds of millions on opening night. My emotions still feel like they got trampled beyond recognition.


Now, it’s the midnight hour, which means this is the Midnight Tease, and we all know that I don’t know what sleep is. If you’re up this late then you need to go to bed. Nah, just kidding, but do check out this list because it’s a good bit of what I’m going to be reading and reviewing this month. See, May is warm and sunny and so I like to get started on my summer reads.

I know what you’re thinking. What the heck is with a summer reads list? Or just summer read books? Books are freaking books. It doesn’t matter when you read them. Not for me my lovelies. I find certain books more fulfilling and sweet and just better in the summer. So I’ll be getting some of that started.

Also, Rick Riordan’s Apollo Trials: The Burning Maze just came out. I’ll be getting to that probably next month and I can’t wait! I really enjoyed the first two. They’re fun and wild and hilarious. Who knew Apollo would make such a terrible human.


Coming Soon…

Midnight Tease



The Great Library
  • Ink and Bone
  • Paper and Fire
  • Ash and Quill
Author: Rachel Caine

The Great Library

I’m super excited about this series, been dying to get it since the first one came out. I’m a major fan of Rachel Caine’s work. While I’ve only read Morganville Vampires so far, she’s superb and totally original. I do want to try the Weather Warden series sometime–I have an infatuation with weather and natural disasters. Anyway, I’m just ecstatic that I finally got the books, which brings me to my little story about them. Back in December, on the 21st, I received a package. I wasn’t expecting anything and it wasn’t a present my mum had ordered. I even asked around online to my friends and sent out Snaps. I was so confused. Then, opening it, I majorly squeed, and loudly. I’d received the first three books of this series. To this day, I still have no idea who sent them to me. Nobody fessed up at all and I imagine they would have. I am unbelievably grateful for the wonderful gift. Books hold a special place in my heart. Almost a higher place than boys LOL. And what’s so cool about this series is how books really have some power behind them. I can’t wait to review them. And again, THANK YOU to whoever it was that sent me this series. I’m still in awe of it. It’s certainly one of the nicest things to happen to me.


Author: Judy Blume



All the Wrong Questions
  • “Who Could That Be at This Hour?”
  • “When Did You See Her Last?”
  • “Shouldn’t You Be in School?”
  • “Why is This Night Different From All Other Nights?”
Author: Lemony Snicket



Summer of Fear
Author: Lois Duncan

Summer of Fear - SR


Garden of Shadows
Author: V.C. Andrews




Unbreakable yes


From the Earth to the Moon & Around the Moon
Author: Jules Verne

From the Earth to the Moon


Ink and Bone
Author: Rachel Caine

Ink and Bone


Paper and Fire
Author: Rachel Caine

Paper and Fire


Seeds of Yesterday
Author: V.C. Andrews



Up for review…

Up for Review


If There Be Thorns
Author: V.C. Andrews



Seeds of Yesterday
Author: V.C. Andrews



Ink and Bone
Author: Rachel Caine

Ink and Bone


I love being able to talk your ears off about books and my pointless life. I appreciate each and every one of you and am grateful when you visit.

If there’s one thing I can shared during this tease it’s that I’m okay with dog-earring a book. I know! I’m a monster! But here’s the catch. If and when I dog-ear, I don’t fold the whole page. That kind of thing is monstrous. I do

I do have an ARC review coming up this month as well and I look forward to sharing that with you all. Have a happy May!

And while I’m not a mum, I want to say,



More to come soon…



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Let’s Binge Read!

Sometimes it’s nice to read a book series that feels like it’ll never end just like watching a long TV Series (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The X-Files, Grey’s Anatomy). Here, for you dapper bookworms, I have a list of fifteen book series that range in interest and genre. Odds are you’ve heard of a majority of these series, but there’s nothing wrong with reminding you and possibly convincing you to go back and relive the adventure.

So, here we go.


Harry Potter
Author: J.K. Rowling
Books: 8

HP - Wikipedia

“You’re a wizard, Harry.”

– Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Harry Potter, boy who lives under the stairs, discovers that he’s a wizard and goes to Hogwarts, a school for witches and wizards. Him an his friends go on a magical journey to stop the most evil wizard in the world.


The Morganville Vampires
Author: Rachel Caine
Books:  15, but then there’s Midnight Bites, a collection of short stories.

MorganVille -

Welcome to Morganville. You’ll never want to leave. And even if you do…well, you can’t. Sorry about that.

-Intro to nearly every book of the series

A sixteen year old Claire Danvers discovers that vampires run the town she goes to college and her smart brain gets her into trouble with them. Thankfully, her friends have her back even if nearly gets them all killed.


A Series of Unfortunate Events
Author: Lemony Snicket
Books: 13


But happy moments came rarely and unexpectedly in the Baudelaires’ lives, and the three siblings had learned to accept them.

-The Austere Academy

Following three orphans who try to get away from the nefarious Count Olaf and his evil henchmen who want their fortune. Along the way, the children try to discover what VFD is and how their parents were involved.


The Shadowhunter Chronicles
Author: Cassandra Clare
Books: 12

Shadow Hunters - amazonShadow Hunters 2 - Wikipedia

We are all the pieces of what we remember. We hold in ourselves the hopes and fears of those who love us. As long as there is love and memory, there is no true loss.

-City of Heavenly Fire

Clary Fray is introduced to the world of the supernatural when she witnesses a murder at a night club and then her mother disappears shortly after. She has to learn fast about demons and the other creatures that linger in the dark if she hopes to find her mom and stay alive.


Maximum Ride
Author: James Patterson
Books: 9

MR - Amazon

I don’t damsel well. Distress, I can do. Damseling? Not so much.

-Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

Known as bird kids, this group is always on the run from the crazy facility that created them known as The School. They have wings and that’s only the half of it. Apparently they’re supposed to save the world.


The Sookie Stackhouse Novels
Author: Charlaine Harris
Books: 13

SS - tower

“Some might think you suicidal.”

“Well, ‘some’ can stick it up their ass.”

-All Together Dead

In small town, Bon Temps, Sookie Stackhouse finds herself attracted to Bill Compon, the first vampire to come to the town since vampire came out of the coffin. This only spells trouble, especially since she can’t hear his thoughts.


The Walking Dead
Author: Tony Moore, Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard
 Books: 27 Volumes so far and 8 novels


In a world ruled by the dead, we are forced to finally start living.

-Vol. 1, Days Gone Bye

They’re graphic novels, I know, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a fantastic binge. You have zombies, guts and a whole lot of trauma. You can binge both the show and the graphic novels!

The Women’s Murder Club Series
Author: James Patterson
Books: 16 and counting

WMC - Goodreads

Hope attacking doubt. It seemed crazy.

-1st to Die

A collection of murder mysteries with the leading ladies, Lindsay Boxer, Cindy Thomas, Claire Washburn and Jill Bernhardt. Follow their stories, solve the murders.


The Otherworld Series
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Books: 13

Otherworld - goodreads

I’ve spent the last decade learning to stand firm and face my problems… or at least batter them until they’re unrecognizable.


Starting with werewolf, Elena Michaels, follow the Otherworld women and discover witches, ghosts, necromancers and more as they try to live in the ‘real’ world. The struggle to survive is real when there are dangers around every corner threaten their ways of living that will test the women of this series.


Daughters of the Moon
Author: Lynne Ewing
Books: 13

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Without hope, people become desperate to escape the pain. They seldom see the rhythms in their own lives, how dark phases come before new beginnings.

-Goddess of the Night

Discovering your a moon goddess? Not as easy as you think in high school. Trying to defeat a dark evil known as The Atrox? Also not easy. When you’re a daughter of the moon you have until you’re seventeen and then you make the most important decision of your life. For the five girls in this series, they do battle with more than just evil. they struggle to keep their normal lives.


The Dark Tower
Author: Stephen King
Books: 7

DT - Goodreads

A man who can’t bear to share his habits is a man who needs to quit them.

-The Dark Tower

Join the legendary ‘gunslinger’ Roland Deschain as he treks to the Dark Tower, the heart of all worlds, to try and save it from the evil corrupting it only known as The Man in Black.


The Chronicles of Narnia
Author: C.S. Lewis
Books: 7

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Remember that all worlds draw to an end and that noble death is a treasure which no one is too poor to buy.

-The Last Battle

Travel to the fantastical Narnia through unimaginable portals and follow four siblings on a journey to become kings and queens of a magical kingdom where animals talk and and evil queen has an icy hold over the land. The series leads you over epic battles of good vs evil and show you magic unlike you’ve never seen.


Star Wars
Author: Timothy Zahn, Drew Karpyshyn, James Luceno, Matthew Woodring Stover, John Jackson Miller, Paul S. Kemp, Karen Traviss and many more
Books: Too many to count

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Revenge is little more than an adolescent concession to personal vanity.

-Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The release of the original Sci-Fi movie Trilogy didn’t just lead to new stories in film such as The Force Awakens and Rogue One, but also across pages. There are so many untold stories and in this series you’ll never feel like there’s an end. The Death Star was only the beginning.


Author: Diana Gabaldon
Books: 8 soon to be 9 with Seven Stones To Stand or Fall coming out soon and then there are also the novellas.

Outlander - Diana Gabaldon

Sometimes our best action result in things that are most regrettable.


Time travel from 1945 to 1743 with Claire Randall in this romance series where she is caught up in the middle of a Scottish war. She soon goes to war with herself as she struggles with having just gotten her husband back in 1945 and falling for the Scots warrior who’s helping her discover the world of 1743.

Odd Thomas
Author: Dean Koontz
Books: 10

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I see dead people. But, then by God, I do something about it!

-Odd Thomas

Odd Thomas has only known one thing. That he and Stormy Llewellyn were destined to be together forever. That and he sees ghosts. So that’s two things. Throughout this series he tries to help ghosts cross over by bringing their deaths justice. There are cameos by Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Alfred Hitchcock.


Craving a binge yet? I think I’m going to go back to Morganville. I like it there.

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